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We rely on the shopping sites to provide fashion products only to buy, but what about if the products would gain multiple functionalities and the catalog would not depends on the sellers product listings. We force ourselves to choose the clothing because we have a fear lose it, but what if all this become a past? SCROBLE want to solve it with their multi-functional product technology. Also, uniquely, SCROBLE proposes a newly invented way to interact with products through the app also in-store, simply by scanning it.

What is Scroble?


SCROBLE is an Android and iOS app available on the Play Store/App Store uniquely in Luxembourg as they are in the beta testing now. You can install the fashion app on your smartphone and can interact with clothes, brands and peers via chat. The app has a massive catalog from reputed brands and stores in Luxembourg and Europe. Registered users can do many things, such as save the products, create posts from real products, exchange in the chat and ask for styling advise. You don’t have to buy them immediately and take time to finalize the purchase, all is saved in the wishlist. Let me show you a few vital features.

Download SCROBLE on Android in Luxembourg

Download SCROBLE on iOS in Luxembourg

New Lookbooks

The SCROBLE technology is based on a direct-to-customer approach, so you have to deal with the brands, their look books and products supplied directly by brands. Brands updating the “Lookbooks” in the library, and you can find trending clothing lines. Users can easily follow new trends and focus on finding the right piece from the updated list. The dedicated library has categories and views fresh clothing. You can find purses, scarves, tops, jeans, swimwear, and more. The Brands updating them regularly and all you see in the look book has attached products, which you can save and share like any product found on the app – that lifts the discovery and inspirational burden from the users. All products are in the search database, so users can also find all products via search engine in the app.

Search, Scan, Save, Share, Chat or Shop

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The search button has many functions integrated into it. So, users can search for products manually in the database, or use the option to search for products in the stores nearby (currently only in Luxembourg) and find the next favorite piece. But it has many other functions, such as an in-store scanner which is revolutionary if we imagine we can finally interact with our mobile phones in-store and gain the product information as well as many options to continue the user journey such as saving, combining in moodboards, sharing and chatting about the product instantly! Just see in the app which stores using SCROBLE nearby and scan the QR code from the in-store. Many offline stores are working with SCROBLE in Luxembourg. They have installed the QR codes in the physical stores. Scanning in-store is an additional option, you can still browse all clothes in the app at your fingertips without spending time inside the premises.

Personalize Your Wardrobe / Create mood boards

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Online shopping site wants you to make a purchase as soon as possible. We buy clothes that don’t match with rest of the outfits. Of course, there is a clash within the wardrobe collection, and the scope of adjustment enters the scene. SCROBLE solved the problem for the users. Save the clothes and accessories in the account, make the sets and mood boards from real clothes to see the fit, post it and connect to others via style match. Put added products side-by-side and create the ideal match for you, you can always return to the product if you save it in the wish list or post it on your feed. While you create the mood board, you can move the items within the pane and adjust the images for visual appeal, positioning and size. Now, you have clear image of what the entire outfits looks on you.

Instant Product Access

Instant Product Access

Access the clothing and the entire information about it you find on SCROBLE instantly. Fortunately, many the products listed on the app are available in the nearby brand store in Luxembourg. The app access the device location and shows nearby stores using SCROBLE. In short, you are viewing clothes, shoes, and accessories available in the nearest brand store. The product listing has in-depth information and you don’t even have to ask about the details. For brands without stores, their products listed in the app have the same full product information and is possible directly to shop it via Brands online store. Go ahead and try the Android/iOS app on your smartphone if you are based in Luxembourg; if not register on the early user list to get notified when they launch in other countries.

Save Products for Later

Save Products for Later

All popular shopping sites want you to place an order right away. SCROBLE enables you to save them on the wishlist, so you can come back later to make the final decision. Add as many products you want to the wishlist, and keep browsing. Buying clothes for a friend’s wedding, birthday, or auspicious day is a challenging situation. Browse the reputed brand’s collection and save them. Add the clothes today and make the decision tomorrow.

Share with Friends

Registered users can update the wishlist and share them publically, they can post mood boards and also chat with other users about products. All posts and product chats are connected to real life digitized products, so the user never losing the track record of the product with its full information including where to buy. The account gives you a profile, and you can add friends, connect and chat with brands, and share your style publically. You can visit the profile to add or remove the brands and users from the list. Of course, you can choose to opt out and remain anonymous.


The SCROBLE app is free for users.

Pricing for Brands

Brands can use SCROBLE to digitize the products and make them visible in the app

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Bottom Line

SCROBLE revolutionizes the way we can interact with fashion products. In fact, there are no limitations on what you can do with the app and is super interactive and very useful to make shopping flexible. Also, just to imagine about what we can do with SCROBLE inside the normal store is just unbelievable. Is available on Android and iOS devices as beta version for the moment only in Luxembourg. All listed products are coming from reputed brands, and displayed in a very beautiful and clean manner, so visually is great to enjoy. Let us know what do you think about SCROBLE in the comment section below.

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