4 Resume Tips for College Students

College students enhance their educational opportunities to better their resumes and get their dream job in their chosen fields. However, how can you still have a professional-looking resume even if you are in college with or without work experience? Here are four resume tips for college students who are job hunting while attending classes and for post-graduation.

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1. Organize Your Resume With These Categories

Before you write your resume, you need to know the format and sections to include that will thoroughly describe all your current credentials. Here are the sections to break down your resume.

  • Heading with your name, address, phone number, and email in that order.
  • Objective
    • Highlight how you want your current credentials to be applied to a chosen field or job position.
    • Mention three keys in the objective that thoroughly describes how you will apply your credentials in the field.
  • Work Experience
    • If you have work experience, list the name of the company, and the month and year when you started and ended the job. (For example, you may have worked at McDonald’s from March 2018 to May 2022).
    • If you are still working at a current job, note “Present” in place of the end date.
  • Special Skills
    • Do you have licenses or certificates in your field?
    • What do you excel doing most in your field?
  • Scholarships and Awards
    • Did you receive any scholarships or awards during your collegiate career?
    • If so, note the name of the scholarship, the organization that awarded you it, and the month and year in which you received said award.
  • Volunteerism
    • If you volunteered for an organization, highlight details in this section.
  • References
    • Ask for references from past employers, professors, or leaders of organizations that have awarded you scholarships.

2. Volunteer At Least Once a Year

Employers like to see that you devote your time to a worthy cause, even if it means that you are not compensated for your time. Volunteer for a couple of hours a week at your local animal shelter taking care of dogs and cats or at a soup kitchen where you hand out meals to those that need it most. You can also sign up as a public library volunteer to shelves books and help out the front desk clerk as needed.

3. Highlight Your Childhood Awards

Don’t be afraid to throw in awards that you won in your childhood. Especially if you are still building your career portfolio as a college student, highlighting awards from childhood is a great resume builder, too.

Note if you won a district-wide essay contest or won first place in your school science fair. Did your soccer team get first place in the state championships? Note any childhood accolades on your resume without holding back. Employers love seeing that you have been on the track to success before you were even of age to join the workforce.

4. Work Your Job Through College

If possible, work your part-time or full-time job while you are still taking college courses. Employers favor potential candidates that are refining themselves in multiple facets of life, even if it means a challenging work-life balance being achieved in the process. Keeping at least one job as present on your resume shows that you are willing to stay loyal to your current position until you move on to the next one, which is something most employers prefer as workplace etiquette.


Follow these tips for resume building as a college student and you will be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams!

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