Online Casinos: What to Expect in 2024

Internet gambling is increasingly common in Finland. The foreign market is especially favoured; Finns spent more than EUR 286 million at these online casinos in 2018. They have a lot of platforms to choose from, with sites like https://netti-casino. biz/ offering lists of trusted Finnish options.

With their passion for gaming, Finnish players are wondering what trends to expect in 2021. We’ve researched this topic with the help of Maunu Seppinen, an expert in gambling trends. Read the rest of our article to learn what direction the online casino industry will go:

Casino Trends in 2021

Here’s what Finnish bettors will see happening in the gambling market this year:

Mobile Gaming

People love gaming on the go; seven mobile games make over $100 million a year. Many gamers prefer playing on their phones.

Most people have smartphones that can access casino sites or apps. Mobile gaming will continue to rise during 2021. More and more establishments will have phone-friendly websites or applications for Android and iOS devices.


As the year progresses, you’ll see an increased number of gambling sites offering crypto games and payment methods. Gamblers prefer this method because it’s:

  • Secure
  • Anonymous
  • Untraceable

Of course, you’ll still have the option of traditional payments on many websites. But, we’re seeing cryptocurrency replace other methods slowly. It minimizes issues like identity theft and hacking, making players feel more secure.

Issues With This Trend

The crypto trend brings a few issues. For example, it increases the number of illegal players. Because you don’t include personal information with cryptocurrency transactions, you’re able to gamble online from restricted countries.

This action can get people into a lot of trouble. Gambling can be addicting, and resisting the urge to bend the rules like this can be challenging.

Plus, players have had problems with the Ethereum network that runs crypto games. One casino temporarily closed because it was too congested.

VR and AR

You should expect a rise in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) casino games. Gamblers love immersive experiences. This technology creates 3D worlds for players that make you feel like you’re at a physical casino.

Previously, the high price of VR and AR devices made this transition unrealistic. Casinos didn’t pursue this technology because the majority of their customers couldn’t afford it. But, the cost will decline now that virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming mainstream.

A top gaming provider, NetEnt, is exploring this tech already. It released a demo VR version of one of its popular slot titles, Jack and the Beanstalk. The gambling community loved it and is patiently awaiting more games.

Live Dealers

Live dealer games also create an immersive experience for players. These titles have had steadily increasing popularity, which will continue to rise in 2021. People love seeing actual dealers streamed to their devices, and the human interaction aspect intrigues gamblers.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a hot topic that’s been widely discussed for several years now. Concerns continue to grow about the addictive factor. Recently, casinos have taken more responsibility in preventing this problem.

This trend will continue throughout this year. More casinos will provide links to helpful information and limiting tools for players.

Smartwatch Betting

People of all ages love smartwatches. In late 2021, adult gamers will get to play casino games on these devices. Companies have been developing this tech for a while now, and the reviews have been positive.

Another trend, eco-style products, has also been on the rise. Environmentally-conscious gamblers will be happy to learn that scientists are working on a dissolvable smartwatch to reduce waste.

Cloud-Based Gaming

In 2020, many online casinos switched to cloud-based gaming. This tech doesn’t require a software download. Plus, it supports saved settings, and you can pause a game on one device and play it on another.

But, some gambling providers still use a software download system. Cloud-based gaming will continue to grow in 2021, and more casinos will implement the technology.


Thanks to our article, you know what trends to expect in the 2021 online casino industry. You’ll be ready to hit the VR poker tables or place bets from your smartwatch in style.


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