Did the US iGaming Market Explode in 2021?

The United States of America has begun to embrace online gambling more and more in recent years. The country has always had a passion for gambling, with some of the biggest casino destinations in the world being found in the US (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc.). However, for a long time, the country has had a tenuous relationship with online gambling. In 2021, this all changed, as it seems that the iGaming market saw a huge increase in revenue in the United States (and more broadly, the world).

The American Gaming Association has recently revealed that casinos in the USA have seen a huge uptick in revenue, up to 21%, and online casinos have also begun to see a massive increase in attendance. According to the report, the money expended on gambling in 2021 reached $53 billion, a new record for the American gambling industry.

The Rise of Online Gambling

With the massive rise in gambling in the United States this past year, more and more people have become open to online gambling and betting sites. Websites like these have been around for quite a while, but only recently have they been met with larger and larger success. USA casinos have grown in popularity in the past few years, especially in 2020, as the lockdown made it hard-to-impossible to travel to the land-based casinos.

With this rise in popularity, people have come to a simple conclusion. Online casinos are just as good, and in many ways, better, than land-based casinos. Let’s take a look at some ways that online casinos surpass their traditional counterparts.


The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

The pros are simple to understand. Online gambling sites feature a wide array of classic casino games, as well as some more unorthodox gambling games for the experimental gamblers out there. They can be easily accessed, as all one really needs is an electronic device and an access to the internet. What’s more, many gambling sites are now beginning to embrace alternative payment methods, such as cryptocurrency, making the money exchange a whole lot easier.

Though, of course, there are some cons to online gambling as well. The most obvious one is that, many online casino sites might not be licensed and registered. This can easily be fixed, however, just by doing research and looking into the website. On top of that, many aggregator websites collect the best, licensed, and regulated casino sites, making the process a whole lot easier for the player.

Some people might still prefer the face-to-face interactions of the traditional, land-based casinos, however, for those who are solely interested in the game, online gambling is a great alternative.

Legality of Online Gambling in the United States

More and more US states are beginning to embrace the idea of online gambling and sports betting. So far, over half of the states have legalized online betting. On top of that, quite a few places where it isn’t legal are considering taking a step in the right direction and legalizing the activity as well. The good news for American punters and gamblers is that there are only two States that have active legislation banning online gambling or online betting.

Concluding Thoughts

The United States’ iGaming market has grown considerably in the past year, and it still has not reached its true potential. With the rapid developments in technology and computer science, many are predicting that more and more people will be willing to move towards a more “online” lifestyle, meaning that online gambling and betting has nowhere to go but up.

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