The rise of gaming streamers in the 2010s

Gaming has always been a huge industry, but it was transformed in an exceptional way and reached new heights in the previous decade. The 2010s saw a lot of change for many, but gamers would argue that they saw their industry be completely redefined and revolutionized through the period, more so than others.

The idea of being able to play games for a living and as a career became a reality and a possibility for many. At the same time, there were new forms of entertainment that were created that involved gaming, such as streaming.

The rise of game streamers

Technology has undoubtedly played an incredible role across the entire gaming industry. There are ways in which titles are played that were not possible to have done so in the past, with the 2010s seeing many of those that were available be developed and revolutionized further.


iGaming is an industry that has been transformed significantly, with players now able to access games that are based in live dealer studios from all around the world and still enjoy the same – if not better – experiences that could be obtained before. In addition, the introduction of streaming platforms has meant they are also able to connect with others, as they can show viewers what they are doing when they play and share the results of any session enjoyed.


However, it is not just iGaming that has experienced transformative change, with gaming as an entire industry benefitting from the emergence of game streamers. Platforms, including Twitch (which launched in 2011), Discord, and even YouTube, became extremely popular for those who wished to share their sessions with others online. At the same time, an interest in watching others play the same titles began to develop.


Activities, including eSports, also grew as a result of game streamers in the 2010s, as the experienced growth in terms of player numbers and those watching meant that a new way of competitive gaming was born. With sponsors and tournament money reaching astronomical numbers, interest soared in terms of streaming, as many more decided to try and get involved and see if they had what it took to become a professional gamer, especially as the decade showed that it could be a potential career path to follow for those enthusiastic to try and go down it.

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Interest and the number of game streamers also grew in the late 2010s because of external factors, such as COVID. The pandemic caused players to find new ways to enjoy the hobby, while it became a source of entertainment for those who were looking for something else to keep them occupied and avoid boredom.

Will the number of game streamers continue to rise in the 2020s?

With technology making gaming and streaming more accessible than ever before, and the industry already showing how much potential there is and the rewards that can be obtained, it would not be a surprise if we were to see even more people in the next decade to try their hand at game streaming.


There are already millions of people who are on Twitch for gaming activities already, and it would not be a shock if that number were to continue to escalate further, especially if new experiences become available to enjoy.

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