Tidio Chat | An Elegant Live Chat Client For WordPress Powered Websites

Tidio client featured imageTidio Chat messenger is a messenger that allows a widget to be displayed to any visitor on your website. The beauty of this plugin is that it does not require a large loading time; it is lightweight and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship by Tidio Company. It is easily available for download from the WordPress.org website, which comes with a seven days trial. This plugin includes a backend and a frontend. The frontend of this app is a simple pop up which is present on the bottom right corner of the website that you install it in.

chat client

Front End

As seen in the image above it supports a very simple and plain GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is a key beneficial point of this plugin. A visitor while using this simple interface to directly interact with you does not lose interest in your website which in turn creates the best combination of real time interaction and the basic information available on the website.

After the 7 days trial you are allowed to have two packages; one of the package is for $0 which provides you with 1 concurrent chat, 1 operator, No automatic Messages and no mobile app. The second pack option that is made available to you is $10 per month which includes unlimited chats, unlimited operators, automatic messages available and lastly but the most major part access to mobile app. This pricing is amongst the best minimal pricing available on the internet one is talking about a chat widget.

Features of Tidio chat messenger

  • The biggest point is that it is available for seven days free testing and is also a very light weight plugin which is just a mere 112KB for downloading.
  • The customization of the plugin is available which allows you to easily merge it into your website without looking into any kind a CSS file or any other type of alteration that might prove to be a hassle to any person who is not well versed with the development and designing languages.

Designing with visual tool

  • There are many feature that come with this plugin like the automated messages which can be utilized in different scenarios for example a pre defined message can be placed when a person starts browsing your website, which automatically allows the user to see that he or she does get to have a real time conversation with the team of the product that is present on the website and can get any query cleared.

Here is another way of speeding up installation process, read guide

  • Another feature of this plugin is the simple but marvelous back end. Yes the link on the sidebar of your dashboard brings you to an external page but still it is worth it, the panel provided by the team at Tidio provides you with a very elegant panel that allows you to control each and every part of the plugin from the very same panel, the user of the plugin does not need to migrate to different pages for different tasks related to the plugin.
back end

Back end panel

  • The last feature that I would like to mention is the backend chat box which is yet again a very basic UI but allows you to file many of the useful information of the user for example the visitors Email Id, contact number and any notes provided by the visitor.

Get the client info


  • A new feature called quick responses are now added so you can add a reply just by typing a single word, in short automatic responses are now available. You can see the picture below for better understanding.


  • You can now search for names, emails or phrases in the history section. Actions and Tags are available in there as well.
  • Now you can now fully customize your Mobile widget. Change the theme, location and resize the widget to match your mobile needs.

Final Words

I would like to conclude by saying that Tidio Chat messenger is one of the required features to the website as it helps you to increase registration to your website increasing the SEO of your website plus increasing the market for you to interact with. It also provides you a one to one interaction with the visitor of your website which seamlessly allows you to gain useful knowledge for the betterment of your services.

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