How to Fix Ticketmaster Think You’re A Bot Issues 2024

It is almost embarrassing when you are declared as a “Bot” during a verification on a website. While it does not happen that often, many people are facing the bot problem on Ticketmaster’s website. Ticketmaster is a platform where customers can buy verified tickets for shows, concerts, and other gigs.

When proceeding to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster, users see “Ticketmaster Thinks You’re a Bot”. This error halts their progress in purchasing tickets which hinders their experience. The error is very prevalent among those who do not fill up the inputs properly. So in this guide, we’ll tell you about the ways you can avoid getting such errors.

Why You Are Getting Ticketmaster Bot Issue?

For many people, dealing with the “Ticketmaster Thinks You’re a Bot” issue can be quite confusing. This error message usually shows up when the Ticketmaster system notices activities that don’t seem to be coming from real people. As a result, it leaves the users confused about what’s going on and why. Several things might be causing this issue:

  • Repetitive Inputs: If you submit the same inputs, the Ticketmaster system may consider you to be a possible bot. The system may conclude that automated scripts or bots are operating as a result of this behavior.
  • VPN Usage: The “Ticketmaster Thinks You’re a Bot” problem may be brought on by using a VPN. VPNs frequently provide different users with the same IP address, giving the impression that several accounts are coming from the same IP, which might trigger red flags. Or you may try some less crowded servers with your current vpn or choose a vpn thats not used by many.
  • Bugs: This issue may potentially arise from unfixed flaws in the Ticketmaster app. The software may perceive your activities as bot-like behavior if it contains bugs or flaws that the creators haven’t fixed.
  • Plugins and applications: Third-party plugins and applications that you may have installed on your device have the potential to disrupt Ticketmaster’s operations and cause bot detection to occur. These plugins can change how you browse, which the system could detect and report.
  • Glitches: The bot detection mechanism may function strangely if there are significant problems in the Ticketmaster app or on your device. These bugs may cause unforeseen behavior that the system views as suspicious.
  • Other Unforeseen Difficulties: Users might not instantly recognize other underlying difficulties that are contributing to the situation. These might be anomalies linked to accounts, device-specific difficulties, or network problems.

How to Fix it?

Below are multiple ways that will surely help you fix the problem.

Clear App Data

For people who use the app version of Ticketmaster, they can do this quick fix (it is recommended to use the Ticketmaster App). Clearing the app’s unwanted files can resolve this issue. So here is how you clear the data of Ticketmaster’s app.

  1. Press and hold the Ticketmaster app on your phone. Holding the app will display a few options that you can do to the app.
  2. On Android, you will see an icon that will take you to the “app’s info”.
  3. Go to “Storage” if your phone has a separate storage section. Other phones will allow direct clearing of data right after you hit the “App Info”.
  4. Tap on “Clear Storage” or “Clear Data” whatever shows up for your phone. Some phones even ask if you want to clear the cache, so allow your phone to clear the cache as well.

Launch the app again after clearing its data and sign in again. This should potentially remove the bot issue on Ticketmaster.

Turn Off The VPN

If your computer or smartphone is connected to any virtual server, this is the time to turn it off. Ticketmaster requires authentic user data to provide the best experience. If you are using a VPN, then Ticketmaster does not work optimally hence giving you the bot issue.

Disable Plugins

If there are plugins running in the background then you can consider turning them off while using Ticketmaster. Especially if these plugins help you get discounts on plugins, then those plugins may be the reason behind this. Ticketmaster can detect such unconducted activities so it is better to just not use them.

Check the servers

Maybe it is the server of Ticketmaster that is causing the inconvenice. Wait for some time and try again.

Final Words

Ticketmaster is lately causing the bot issue and its fix has to be done on your side (in most cases). Perform all the solutions mentioned above and see if this problem still persists. You can also do all of the methods together and use Ticketmaster again. Due to unfortunate reasons, if things are not working, you can always contact customer support.

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