[Giveaway]Download This Top DVD Copy Software: Make DVD Backup Sector by Sector

We may not realize the importance of making a backup, until our cherished DVDs are damaged or lost. Some people don’t make DVD backup, in that they think it’s difficult for them to finish such a skilled task. Others stop when they see the high price of DVD copy software. Today I’d like to recommend you guys a perfect & easy-to-use DVD backup program WinX DVD Copy Pro from Digiarty Software, Inc. Being an all-round DVD cloner/copier, ISO mounter and DVD burner, it can make sector-by-sector DVD backup with 9 copy modes and super fast copying speed.

giveawayTime-limited Giveaway of WinX DVD Copy Pro

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, the developer is giving away this top clone software which is originally priced at $49.95. Only 500 free copies per day. First come, first serve. To get a licensed copy of this Pro version of the software, please do as the following:

1. Go to the giveaway page: https://www.winxdvd.com/giveaway/copy-dvd-free.htm
2. Click “Get Licensed Copy” button to unveil license code and setup file.

Next, we will get a close look at this software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 to help you figure out if it is the one you need and how nice it is.

1. Download and installation

It is a lightweight tool with only 17 MB. So, we get it downloaded quickly. And the installation is very simple. Just following the instruction, we can finish the installation in seconds. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

2. User interface and main features

It features intuitive and user-friendly interface and layout with multilingual support. All options are well organized in the left sidebar. Instructions appear clearly in the top navigation. Help guide is built in. Just click”?”, we will get a detailed how-to guide.

The developer is claimed that this version is specially designed to meet users’ up-to-date backup needs. Oh, yes, it is indeed built with various copy features. For example, clone DVD to DVD Disc for safe storage or presenting to friends; clone a versatile disc to ISO file, Video-TS folder for saving in hard drive, burning, playing or ripping, etc. With WinX DVD Copy Pro, we can do all of them and even more.

* Clone DVD to DVD sector by sector without any loss;
* Copy digital video disc to ISO file;
* Copy digital video disc to VIDEO_TS Folder;
* Copy digital video discas a single MPEG2 file;
* Copy certain chapters only;
* Extract video or audio from DVD only.

In addition, two unique tools are embedded — ISO Mounter and DVD Burner. The first is developed to mount ISO file as a virtual drive, while the second is used to burn ISO files or digital video disc folder to the disc.

user interface

3. Supported Ones

Most of our DVDs are commercial and encrypted. Hence we prefer a piece of a copy software that supports a variety of commercial DVDs, such as Hollywood movie, fitness and music DVDs. Surprisingly, This software happens to support all of them. Without the help of a third-party DVD decrypter, it can get access to all region codes and copy protection systems, such as CSS, UOPs, Sony ArccOS, RCE and Disney X-project DRM. Moreover, it is able to copy some extremely scratched DVDs. All these capabilities make it stand out in the market.

4. Speed and stability

We’ve so many things to do every day. None of us are willing to spend too much time copying these kind of discs. Luckily, this program works fast. 1:1 DVD copy can be finished within 12-17 minutes. Certainly the speed also depends on CPU and digital video disc drive speed. Because of fully supporting versatile copy protection schemes, it runs smoothly in the process.


* It is clean and handy.
* It supports even extremely scratched digital video disc.
* It includes multiple digital video disc copy options to satisfy users’ different needs.
* It works faster and more stable when compare it with software of the same type.


* It doesn’t support Mac OS.

WinX DVD Copy Pro is worth a try when you need a piece of all-in-one & top-notch DVD copy software for Windows 10 or below. It can back up your DVDs sector by sector with highest possible quality and deliver a copy completely identical to the original quality, structure and content. Don’t miss this chance to download licensed copy WinX DVD Copy Pro for free.

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