Safe Velo An App That Provides A Safety Net To Joggers And Cyclists While Providing Drivers The Ability To See And React

Gone are the days when you have to struggle a lot to find out a companion for your driving routine. Today’s digital world brings a variety of apps to support the driving routine that keeps you safe. If you are searching for such an app, then Safe Velo is the right option for you. Let’s see how this app can save you from accidents to cyclists and joggers.

What is Safe Velo app?

Safe Velo is an advanced road-safety app designed for distracted drivers. The app helps distracted drivers see and react to the cyclists and joggers on their way. The same app helps cyclists and joggers finish their exercise routine safely.

Safe Velo app runs in the background and keeps an eye on the activities set by the users. It is a highly customized app that lets you customize the app and its features the way you want. Users can set up a task on the app, the drivers will get real-time updates with alerts on their mobile phones or on the screen in their cars.

If you are wondering why should you invest in this app, then here’s a list of its features that can help you resolve your queries regarding the app.

Key Features:

Intuitive User-Interface

The app is designed for everyone, it serves as an intuitive user interface where anyone can easily get started with the app by following the simple process. Just install the app on your iOS device and sign up using the given method to start using it.

Personal Profile

Safe Velo lets you create your personal profile where you can add your activities, routine, photos, and more. You can also add a profile picture and can make changes to your profile using the Settings option.

Add Photos

You can add your personalized photos with your location and address on this app. The photos and location that you add to the app will be available to the public. Once you add the location and address to your photos, you can save them in your profile for the public by clicking on the Save button.

Jogging and Cycling Activities

Safe Velo supports jogging and cycling activities. Joggers and cyclists can use this app to follow their routine exercise. Just select the preferred option, set the timing, and tap on the Start button. Once done, you can End the journey by selecting the End button. The detailed result will be displayed on your screen.

Real-time Update on Map

The Safe Velo users will receive real-time updates about the users and drivers that are on the way. The real-time map will show you the cyclists and joggers’ information on the map. This way they can finish their task safely. Drivers who use this app will also receive real-time updates about the cyclists and joggers that may come across their way.

How Does This App Work?

The Safe Velo is an intuitive app designed for all types of users. The app is available for iOS users and can be installed from the App Store.

  • To get started with this app, just head over to the App Store from your iOS device and search for the Safe Velo app. The app is available for users of the United States only. It will be made available for more countries in the coming years. The makers will announce more information about the availability of this app in the coming weeks.
  • Once the app displays, click the Get button to install it on your device.

  • Now, open the Safe Velo app from your iOS device.
  • The homepage of the app will ask you to sign up for the app. The app lets you try out the app for the first 30 days for free with its 30-days free trial plan for new users.

  • You can unlock all the contents of the app including its premium features and functions by purchasing the subscription. The app costs $19.99 for a yearly subscription. The subscription will be renewed automatically if you do not cancel it manually.

  • Once done, you can log in to your app and can start creating a profile by adding your profile photo and other information. You can update this profile whenever you want by visiting the Profile section.


Most joggers and cyclists don’t pay attention to their safety. Apps like Safe Velo are there for professional cyclists and joggers who can keep track of their routine while keeping them and distracted drivers safe. Go ahead and try out this app with its 30-days free subscription now!


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