PGP TOOLS For High End Encryption |REVIEW

Ever thought of sending a secure message that is not available for common people who can get hold of the text you send over the internet? Have you tried many tools that do not allow you to send a secure message which can be hacked and then decrypted to your original message?

If the answer to the above two questions than the tool that you are looking to is a PGP tool , PGP is acronym for Pretty Good Privacy. The PGP technology is a mixture of two steps which allows more security.


pgp featured imagePGP or Pretty Good Privacy as told before is a mixture of two steps. The first step is to compress the file that has to be sent over the network, which reduces the file size as well as increases the security. The next step includes the combining of the file with a public key and a random number which is produced by the calculation of the movement of the pointer by the user. With the combination of these two steps the text file is sent over the internet to the receiver which decrypts the cipher code by the use of a private key.


The PGP tool available on the Google store is a light weight application which allows you to utilize the PGP encryption with much of a hassle. The application uses a light weight algorithm to convert the plain text into cipher text which allows the user to send a secure message over the internet. The algorithm being used id light weight makes the building of the cipher text a task of few moments making the app the best apps for building a very secure cipher text. Another plus point of this app is the use of a very simple interface which is easy t understand b any user and is available in the market at a mere price of $0.99 which is indeed very affordable.


The first step is to generate a key which is easily done by filling in a few details.


Step 1

The second step is to type the text to be ciphered which also includes an option to paste the text to be ciphered. After the typing or pasting of the text press the encrypt button available just below.


Step 2

You are also given the option to copy or send email to the person you wanted to send the code to.


Your key

Other option that are included are the selection of a key from the list of multiple keys and also the permission to import key from an external source such as the internet or the key sent from your friend.

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Key list



Final Thought

Wrapping up all the information into some lines I would like to say that the PGP Tools is one of the best android app that I have came across which delivers such a high quality encryption with many option that to at a very low cost. The developers at SJ Software have done a brilliant job to bring us with such an advance facility in such an easy package that can be used by a lay man. the rating given to this app on the Google store is 4.1 which is according to me very under rated.

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