How to throw a house party that doesn’t suck

With the current pandemic, hosting outdoor parties in clubs has become a challenge for many people in Poland. That’s because of the World Health Organization policies that limit any gatherings. In a bid to embrace social distance and adhere to other health organization rules, partying at home will be a great idea.

It will allow you to take control of most things. But do you know that with house parties comes another responsibility?

Those who haven’t held a house party yet will not understand it requires you to plan everything in the best way possible to see it successful. We linked up with one of our experts Klara Czerwinska (view profile), to enlighten you on some of the key aspects of how to throw a good party. Here are the essential aspects to consider:

Who are your guests?

We all understand that you will not throw a house party alone, whether at home or away. You need to invite friends, colleagues and age mates from all corners. But how are you going to have them attend the party and control their number to prevent a surging home?

That’s the question that must be answered correctly to make everything flow. One of the best ways of making the party successful is preparing the guest list before their attendance.

That is going to help you in planning other things. People are looking forward to seeing you alongside other pretty people and making new connections. But that will not happen if you invite the people who know each other to the party.

Inviting your ex-roommates to the university and colleagues at work will be a great way to bring them together. You will be amused by how they will be happy to find new interactions. However, make sure you invite friends and guests who uphold social ethics. Some people don’t value others and may dent you badly.

Let people have fun through online gaming

Parties are supposed to be filled with fun. However, some suck. Creating the ideal environment for having fun should be your priority. If your visitors love gaming, then recommending a platform that suits typical Polish players such as Energy kasyno is an awesome idea. The beauty of online casinos is that they allow people to have fun and also earn some money.

Don’t forget to introduce your visitors

The mistake many people make is forgetting that they’re the ones who should get their visitors talking. Remember, your guests don’t know each other, but you know them all. Introducing them to each other will be a great idea because probably some of them will probably be shy to introduce themselves before new faces.

That way, they will all feel comfortable as the party goes on. Also, ensure that they clique to each other. Don’t let any of your visitors feel lonely amidst others.  Don’t be honest about the time

Naturally, most of us get late for events. Shockingly, many people even get late for interviews. It sucks, right? That’s the same way your friends will show up during your house party. Therefore, to make everyone arrive in time, don’t tell them the exact arrival time or ending time.

If you have friends who are time conscious, tell them to arrive an hour later after the ones who are prone to being late have arrived. For instance, if the party starts at 10 p.m., tell the time-conscious ones to arrive at 9 p.m. and the unconscious ones to arrive at 8 p.m. That will make them arrive at the same period. Although it’s unethical to lie, lying to them about time will be ideal because it will allow you to start the party together.

Create a playlist

Make the party playlist before the party begins. But when making the playlist, ensure you have the right songs for the right audience. If you spent memorable moments with the friends you have invited, you will have a better idea of the songs they love.

However, if you don’t know what they like, consider creating a neutral playlist with fantastic music to make them feel comfortable at the party. Ensure you create a playlist that will get everyone dancing till the end of the party. But if you are creative, create a playlist that will trigger an environment for chatting.

Above are the things to do at a house party and make it unforgettable in the minds of your friends.

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