Review: The Best Social Media Platform Marketing Platform

In today’s digital era, it is important for every enterprise to stay active on various social media platforms. In fact, Social Media marketing is essential to boost your business nowadays. Most people keep themselves active on different social networks. Thankfully, all the social networks do allow you to marketize or advertise your products and services


The Future Of Farming Is Here | IoT

Growth is at the heart of the human experience – we age, we develop new technologies, we expand our surroundings, and we produce children to continue and experience as we have. In modern times, we’ve grown as a population more than the entirety of human history. 7.2 billion people currently inhabit the earth with another

New Technologies in Education in 2020

The last few decades have seen significant changes in the education field. From the introduction of technology in the classrooms to personalized curriculums, the face of education has been transformed. Historically speaking, technology is the pioneer of this change in education. For instance, the introduction of radios in classrooms in the 1920s brought forward audio

3 Practical Ways To Transcribe Audio & Video Content

Technology in transcription has been improving over the years. We have moved from listening to the speech or interview and taking notes, then recoding and later transcribing by hand, and now that we can record audio and transcribe it automatically. However, not many people have caught up with the latest transcription technology. Here is all

Exploring the Uses of Text-To-Speech Software

Text-to-Speech or TTS is a type of technology used to translate written words into spoken voice. It is kind of reminiscent of your GPS navigation device or Siri who gives you directives from your smartphone. The synthetic speech didn’t hit the scene until around the middle of the 70s when it was implemented into computer

5 Reasons Why Game Development is Good a Career Option

If you have just completed your graduation or thinking about switching your career, then there are numerous options available for you in today’s digital era. We have plenty of opportunities to start a career without the need for anyone’s support. For the software developer, they can try out their luck in developing exciting games. Yes,

How a Mobile App Business Benefits an e-Commerce Industry

Since, the very prehistoric times, the businesses have been transforming gradually. The introduction of the changes has always been to serve the consumers better apart from making things for the sellers easy. As of now, the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones has raised hopes of millions of people. Both the buyers and

How Do I Email Large Files Including Videos On A Mac | Best 3 Easy Ways

“Sharing is Caring”- We live in a world where everything is on the digital platform. Most people share files through email clients. We can share pretty much anything using the attach feature while composing a new email. However, email clients have some limitations over the files they want to share. They are not allowed to

Creating an Ideal Handyman Mobile Application

As the popularization of apps that provides services picks up, more and more doors are opening for how smartphones can be used to enhance everyday life and quickly access a specific service or skill. It is becoming more evident that there needs to be an app that functions similarly to Uber, but with handyman services.

Using Machine Learning to Build Your Online Store

E-commerce businesses are the primary users and benefactors of the machine learning recommendation system. Machine learning for e-commerce has become a mandatory part of any successful business. If you look at the models of Amazon or eBay, both websites analyze what your search history is and what products you have previously bought, and through this

Manage Your Company’s Risks and Assets Easily

When your company uses many different pieces of software across many different computers in your network, it can be tricky to manage them all. If the software is mismanaged it can be costly. Not only are you paying for software you don’t need, but you could also be not functioning within legal and ethical guidelines

Software as a Service: What You Should Know

Subjects revolving around cloud software are usually confusing. This is because technology today evolves very fast, and it is challenging for even the tech-savvy among us to keep up with all the latest trends. The traditional way of getting business done by employing software was quite simple. The mode of operations involved buying software from