Best 5 Free Personal Finance Software for Windows 10

Personal finance software is money management software that are capable of organizing your day to day finances. These may be web-based or stand alone, providing you a personal money management dashboard. These are specifically designed to organize all individual finance data efficiently. Let’s have an eye on the best free personal finance software for Windows

iPhone vs Android: Which is Better for Gaming?

Over the past decade, the smartphone market has grown tremendously, thanks to advancements in technology. That has prompted game publishers to create thousands of smartphone games for both android and iOS devices. However, most mobile gamers are still wondering which smartphone to buy for gaming and installing betting apps like Betway. The Short Answer: When

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Permanently in Windows 10, Best 3 Ways

Disabling your laptop keyboard is not a difficult problem, but there is no official feature available in Windows. Even the laptop manufacturer did not provide an option to disable it physically or software-based. Fortunately, we have robust solutions that come in handy, but it is a roundabout method. We have compiled several solutions that get

The Importance of Ranking Leads to Determine Your Sales-Readiness

The process of lead ranking is beneficial for your business. This is important for entrepreneurs running a huge enterprise with an established sales and marketing team. But, lead ranking is also just as beneficial to a budding entrepreneur. However, determining the right leads and ranking them according to a specific scoring model can be very

Things to keep in mind while choosing CMMS software

CMMS maintenance software is an integral part of any business. It makes so many processes so much simpler and efficient. It helps streamline your business operations. The uses of CMMS software is truly limitless. Hence, it is a worthy investment no matter how big or small your business is. So, if you haven’t invested in

How To Send Encrypted Email In Outlook Best Easy Ways

You can send encrypted emails on Outlook using several methods available for free-of-cost. I’m going to show you how you can send emails in an encrypted format that unauthorized won’t be able to view it. Microsoft is trying to generate revenue out of premium features, and they brought an official “Encryption” feature in the Outlook

The Best Plugin to Make Your Website Social-Video Ready

Having a hard time in finding a video gallery plugin that is capable of curating videos on the internet? No worries! We have brought you the review of one of the stunning WordPress plugins – “”. This plugin helps you curate the best short videos on the internet and customize a short video gallery to

YourPhone.exe Process in Windows 10 – What Is It and How to Disable It

Microsoft is infamous among experts in the industry for adding services and functions that don’t have a description. We have witnessed a specific number of tasks that are running in the background, but it doesn’t serve anything. Even Microsoft does not provide in-depth information on the official news portal. You do have to research to

Boulder Base – Futuristic Castle Defense Game Review

Smartphones have evolved, and we have playable games on Android and iOS mobile platforms. There are hundreds of games online that are fun to play and spend time during boredom. I always appreciate developers who spend time making a game that is compatible with low-end phones and older devices. Allow me to introduce you to

Developing Software For Startups: How Is It Technologically Different?

Startups operate as freshly founded companies that bear little or no operating history. Their main niche is groundbreaking technology solutions or the production of tech products. With that said, not every new company operates in the manner of a start-up. In fact, there are two key characteristics that set startups apart from regular companies: uncertainty