Want to Become a Freelance Writer? Here’s What to Prepare

If you have an aptitude for writing and can vouch for your punctuation and grammatical skills, then you’ve probably thought of how you can turn your talent into a lucrative career. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Becoming a freelance writer sounds easy in theory, but does come with its own set of

Apps That Became Popular During Distance Learning

 Getting used to the new normal has had its impact on the field of education as well. Lots of apps have become popular during distance learning. What is more, having these apps on hand has made online education possible during these turbulent times. Nowadays, no one is asking the question ‘what is distance learning’ as

Which Graphics Card is Compatible with a Ryzen 9

The Ryzen 9 CPU is a powerful 12-core/24-thread processor built with Zen 2 architecture. It’s designed and developed by Intel AMD who has managed to launch a strong competitor to other gaming CPUs. Purchasing this excellent CPU needs a high-quality graphics card to match its performance and it can help users get the most out

Android File Transfer To Mac Easily With MacDroid

Apple computer is an advanced piece of software and hardware, but the company added restrictions to the macOS to keep the customers from moving to the latest Android smartphone. If you own an Android smartphone then it is difficult to carry out basic tasks on the Mac OS X. Apple wants the MacBook & iMac

Best Tool For File sync If You Are A Mac Users

Apple is notorious for ignoring rival operating systems because they are the direct competitors. You cannot connect an Android or Windows drive to the MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini and expect to transfer the files. Many Apple computer consumers have no idea how to use Windows PC because the Cupertino-based company shut down the doors

Download Or Save Videos From 1000+ websites | VideoDuke Review

Online media consumers have increased over the years, which has inspired a lot of companies to launch a media website. You got YouTube, which is the #1 video sharing platform in the world. You can watch videos on the platform, but it doesn’t allow the users to save the content in local storage because it

Best And Easy To Use Online Video Downloader| AceThinker Review

At times, you may find yourself stuck when it comes to downloading your favorite videos from different websites. Though there are tools to download your favorite online videos, most of them are not available for free. Even if they are available at no cost, you might end up downloading their extension or signing up. You

Best NTFS Driver For M1 Mac OS Big Sur | Macbook Air, Pro

Apple launched the M1 Chipset lineup for the upcoming MacBook and Mac Mini, and the majority of the programs don’t support M1 CPU + GPU processor. The market is occupied with Intel-based processors, and M1 Chipset does a good job at emulation, so the majority of the apps will work. However, you can find a

How To Recover From Google Algorithm Updates

What do penguins, pandas and hummingbirds have to do with the online visibility of your company? As it turns out, quite a lot. These are the names of some of Google’s algorithm updates—a process that essentially redraws the lines of what Google is looking for in a top-ranking website. Broadly speaking, Google Panda prioritized content

Comparison of Smartphone Photography Functions

One of the black technologies released by HONOR is the powerful AIS handheld super night scene anti-shake capability. Many people know that the biggest difficulty in shooting night scenes is exposure. In order to shoot a charming night scene in dark light environment, it requires long exposure. Long exposure requires no shaking. Carrying a tripod

How to analyze your website: Assessment tools and metrics

When launching a website, there are several things to bear in mind. You should pinpoint the website’s goal (whether it’s for corporate or personal use) and examine your competitors’ websites along with design, content, and branding. The properly performed website analytics will help you build a more successful business strategy and turn your stumbling blocks

Best Note And PDF Reader For iPad Users | Flexcil 2 Review

is one of the best Note & PDF Reader app for iOS. It is loved by the Apple editors. It has taken notetaking to a next level and is a real productivity boost for its users. Whether you are taking notes, reading documents, bullet journaling, or editing pages from textbooks, use Flexcil. You can highlight