9 Best Way to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing in 2024

An easy-to-use add-on for Instagram allows users to quickly share updates with their friends and followers. Notes provide you with a private area to express yourself in up to 60 characters. You may even incorporate a melody into it. Many users, nevertheless, have expressed dissatisfaction over their Instagram accounts’ notes not showing up. The top

How To Create and Manage Device Categories in Microsoft Intune

The device category makes the developer’s and security team’s job easier. Later, Azure Security Group can lay down the parameters for the users. However, it’s not a piece of cake if a device has enrolled through the Hybrid Azure AD service. The system doesn’t assign the category at the time of enrollment, unlike the Mac

How to Enable or Disable Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge on Windows

Internet has been there for a long time and in that time, there are many websites that were built for browsers like Internet Explorer. Although the advancement has led to newer browsers that can handle a lot of computing power, those old sites still persist to this day. The end of the old Internet Explorer

6 Best Tactics To Build An Award-Winning Customer Support Strategy

A winning customer support strategy is crucial for maintaining superior customer relationships. You can get repeat customers when you keep them happy and satisfied. As a business owner, you should consider the essential tactics for ramping up your customer support strategy and building goodwill and buyer trust. What is a Customer Support Strategy?    

Fix ‘Display Driver Failed to Start’ Error in Windows 11

Display Driver Failed To Start is a Windows error that occurs when you are running a graphic-intensive program like games. Some editing software is also the culprit for the graphic drivers of your computer to work intensively. If you are also facing this display error, we have an extensive guide here for you. Fix ‘Display

Best Practices for Data Protection in Used Device Wholesale

Data protection plays a crucial role in processing pre-owned devices, especially in large volumes. The information that can be left on the smartphone should be erased securely and unrecoverably so that the possibility of data breaches is eliminated. Let’s dive into the details of quality data protection for wholesalers and explore how to wipe data

How to Design Your House With Software

5 Tips for Designing a House With Software If you’re building a house, or looking to do a renovation or addition for your current home, you may want to consider home design software. It allows you to get a good feel for exactly what the design will look like before you start the project. Tips

Best 10 Sites Like Yt1s To Download Videos Online

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo contain lots of video content that you might want to watch again and again. Instead of using an internet connection to stream those videos, you may want to keep them in your local storage. As a result, video downloading sites come in clutch and give versatile downloading options. Yt1s

Best Ways to Use Snapchat on Your PC in 2024

Snapchat is by no means a “mid” or average social media platform. So it was long coming that it would get a web version officially. This worldwide accessible messaging app is prominent app among the youth. Some people even rely only on Snapchat for connecting with friends. So if you are an avid Snapchat user

9 Ways to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light Problem

Do you see a yellow blinking light on your PS4 controller? If yes, then you must have been in a rut of not being able to play games on your PlayStation. The yellow light is an indicator in a PS4 controller that it is in rest mode or charging. A more prominent yellow light also

How to Covert HTML to PDF without Losing Formatting?

Save web pages or documents into PDF files is a common necessity in today’s digital environment. Sharing and preserving information is made easier with its help. But occasionally things get muddy when converting HTML—the language used to create online pages—to PDF. It’s possible for the layout to get jumbled, for images to shift, and for

How to Fix “The Directory Name Is Invalid When Opening File” & Access Your Files?

Errors such as “The Directory Name Is Invalid When Opening File” may be quite annoying, particularly if you need to access your files immediately. Fortunately, using a methodical approach can typically result in overcoming this problem. This thorough tutorial will lead you through a number of troubleshooting techniques to successfully resolve this problem and restore

The 15 Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for Windows 11 or 10 2024

Effective file management is essential in today’s digital world to keep a system clear of clutter and functioning at peak performance. Duplicate files may amass fast, taking up important disk space and making it difficult to find important information. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of Duplicate File Finder applications, which simplify your

Artificial Intelligence Business Impact

Artificial Intelligence is also everywhere and business is the major player that is running this technology. Since the inception of AI, the impact has been gradually increasing, especially in the last few years. However many businesses may still not optimize the AI in their processes. As a result, it is important to get familiar with

Unveiling the Power of Dot Net: The Ultimate Choice for Enterprise App Development

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, choosing the right framework for enterprise app development is paramount for ensuring scalability, security, and seamless integration. Among the myriad options available, Microsoft’s Dot Net (often stylized as .NET) has emerged as the undisputed leader, winning the hearts of developers and businesses alike. In this article, we delve into

How to Fix ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ Error in Windows: Breaking the Queue:

When a device stops printing in the midst of a print job, the print job becomes stuck in the queue. A sudden power outage, low ink, running out of paper, a paper jam, or interference from external firewall software are a few potential reasons for this. You may either follow the manual troubleshooting procedures below,

How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software for Magento?

Inventory management is all about keeping track of stuff in the warehouse. Some companies handle raw materials; others sell finished products. Good management keeps things safe, saves space, saves money, and helps the company make more profit later on. The inventory management extension is a tool that will help make inventory management in the store

How to edit PDFs that are Read Only

In today’s world PDFs are used widely. It has become the go-to format for sharing documents or keeping it saved with us. You can easily share any kind of information or data using PDF formats with your colleagues or friends. This format offers you an easy and suitable way to present your information across all

15 Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows 11

This is the era of photography. Every day you capture several photos of your day-to-day events. With the growth of smartphones and cameras, it is easy to take photos and it is saved on your device. However, with this increase in the number of photos, there can be an accumulation of duplicate photos. These duplicate