How to Find the Best Web Hosting for WordPress?

There are plenty of advice and know-how articles on how to choose the right type of web hosting – whether you need a web hosting for your landing page website, or a VPS hosting solution for your large custom project.  But if you are a simple blogger having a blog on the WordPress platform and

Want to Reconnect With Long Lost Friends? Here’s How

Time is a strange thing. One day you’re counting the seconds between “Now Serving” numbers, the next you’ve realized 20 years have gone by. We all have our own lives and trajectories. Our goals, our wants, our aspirations lead us to places we never expected, away from people we once knew. Away from people we

Best Blazing Fast And Performance Optimized WordPress Hosting

WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for web designers and bloggers where they can run websites or blogs. Over 70% of the world’s websites are running on this platform. In this competitive market, people can easily find the trusted hosting provider to park a domain and to launch a new website. But did you know

Cloud VPS Hosting With Free cPanel/WHM Admin License And Reliable Email Service

Web hosting is a serious subject for Bloggers, professional administrators, and business people around the world. Choosing the right hosting is very important for server response time, loading speed, ping, and responsiveness of the website. In modern times, Cloud VPS is one of the fastest solutions available in the market. What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Is Redirect Tracker Vital for Websites?

To have a good website, you must understand and implement the various URL redirects. URL redirection is vital for multiple reasons like avoiding broken links after shifting a website, privacy, URL shortening, more straightforward web navigation and enable various domain names to belong to one owner. There are other times where the redirection could become

New Technology Measuring Every Touch of Ball Could Change the Soccer Game

Soccer is the leading sport with the highest number of fans worldwide. Many soccer enthusiasts wager at Betway. Soccer officials and referees overlooked some fouls in the past. But, modern technology has transformed the sport. It helps officials detect mistakes that players make in the pitch. In this post, we discuss three technologies that are

Customer Satisfaction Matters to Your Business – Here’s Why

Today, most business enterprises are suffering when it comes to client retention, and not many of them know the reasons why. More often than not, poor customer satisfaction is often the cause. While there are dozens of ways to improve customer experience, the means and resources to do this are going untouched. It goes without

ChemiCloud Review| Best Top Cloud Web Hosting Provider With 99.99% Uptime

ChemiCloud is an independently owned webhosting company that is based in the US having 10+ years of experience in the hosting industry. It provides, shared, VPS and reseller webhosting plans to its customers have its servers hosted in multiple countries including Romania, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada and more. Their awesome support and user experience make

DRmare M4V Converter for Windows Review

Apple’s iTunes is undoubtedly the most popular and the best place for entertainment seekers. This platform lets you explore the huge ocean of music and videos. iTunes comes with the official App Store support and is available for Mac systems as well as Windows systems. All the video contents of iTunes come with DRM protection.

How to Monitor Your Girlfriend’s Snapchat Online

Do you know why people use Snapchat so much these days? It’s because no evidence of communication is left after the next 24 hours or so. That is why the youth and young adults use it to message each other. Nobody will come looking for them after a few hours since there will be nothing

Best Free VPN for US, UK, AU and Canada | Windows 10, Mac 2020

There are times when you feel a need to keep your identity anonymous and surf through the web flawlessly. You want that no one could be able to track you and your activities on the web. Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes handy in such a situation. It even lets you browse just any website which