Disable OneDrive in Windows 11 2023 And Uninstall Completely

In recent Windows updates, Microsoft has included OneDrive, a feature of the standard package of pre-installed programmes. This means that OneDrive will be installed and ready to use on your machine. Although saving files on the cloud using OneDrive is convenient, some users may want to use a different cloud storage programme or save their

10 Best Fasting Tracker Apps in 2023 For iPhone, iPad

If you are suffering from obesity and want to lose some body weight to gain confidence back, we have got you covered. The list of 10 best fasting tracker apps in 2023 will help you lose body weight and stay healthy and fit. In recent years, people have adopted a modern lifestyle which invites many

How Indonesian Proxy IPs Can Help You Access Blocked Websites

Most people have spent their time using the Internet for different purposes. Internet connectivity and online sources have become essential in today’s digital environment. However, some services and websites may be limited due to government censorship or geographical considerations. Fortunately, using proxies can help you access blocked websites. This article will outline how proxies like

5 Breathtaking Mobile App Ideas to Rock the Market in 2023

Mobile technologies are ruling the world. If a decade ago the majority of tasks could be solved with a computer, today practically all of them (and sometimes even more) can be fulfilled with the help of your smartphone and some useful apps. We rely on our mobile apps not only in our private life but

Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically on Startup 2023

Despite Microsoft Teams’ popularity among organizations and remote employees, only some are keen on using it. And even if they do, they may want it to wait to launch at boot. The boot time of older computers without SSDs might be significantly slowed down if many programs are set to run at startup. Using the

 The most dangerous cybersecurity threats in 2023

In an increasingly digital world, the potential for cyber-attacks and online scams has never been higher, and unfortunately, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is getting worse. In 2023, internet users will be exposed to a near-endless list of potential scams, malicious attacks and data breaches. Worse still, cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated

How to Enable Floating Search Bar in Windows 10/11

Microsoft has improved Windows 10 in the past five years, and it is no longer what it was back in the days. You have to update the build version to the latest version, which is 20H2 as of now. We request the administrators to keep the 2004 build version because MS introduced a floating search

How to Fix Failed to connect to a Windows service Windows 10/11 Error

Windows 10/11 PC depends on services that enable the software to communicate with the hardware. One non-working service is enough to have “failed to connect to a Windows service error message” on Windows 10. If your PC is having multiple service issues then it is not a complicated process to resolve the issue. We have

The Importance of Registering a Domain Name

A business needs to have its own identity over the web and for that reason, a suitable domain name is required. Every business should own a domain name to launch its own website over the web. When it comes to registering a new domain, Cloudcone is the most trusted provider on the web market. We

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool To Prevent Malware Infections

You can prevent malware infections with Windows malicious software removal tool that comes on the PC. Software protection is a demanding product on the web-store because millions of computers around the world are infected. We have different types of harmful threats like viruses, adware, malware, spyware, and more. Let us look at Windows malicious software

How to Enable Disable Autocomplete for File Explorer in Windows 10,11

Microsoft started working on the latest Windows 11, 10 long back, but they had to release the software to the world due to the dissatisfaction of 8.1 Pro. The official developers added the most-demanded feature AutoComplete in the latest build version so they could provide modern functions to the users. We have to say that

How to Partition a Hard Drive or SSD on Windows 10,11 PC 2023

We all have multiple drives in desktops & laptops in Windows PC and it is not easy to manage. Many Windows machine manufacturers bundling laptops with SSD to boot the operating system and adding mechanical HDD for storage expansion. You can create multiple partitions in Windows PC without using third-party programs. Many custom assembled desktops

Webshare Proxy Review 2023 | Private Proxies Proxy Servers

With the growing demand for IoT services, the Internet and its related services are also getting high in demand, especially in the proxy market. You might have used proxies to explore restricted or blocked websites. They also come with great security for your system. Today, we are going to review the most popular proxy server

How to download Torrent files in Windows 11, MacOS, Linux 2023

It’s not easy to download files from torrent websites as the government is taking measures to block the source. Internet is a fabulous source of information & technology, and we are going to introduce some of the ways that you can use it to download content from torrent websites. Is it illegal to download media

Best 5 Fast VPN For iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max 2023

Got yourself a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max? Looking for a reliable VPN service to use on your iPhone 13? If you are searching for the best VPN to use on your iPhone 13 which provides super faster speed and the best of security features, then here’s the list of the Best 5 High-speed

How To Enable & Use Stage Manager On Mac? 2023

We all live in a busy technology world where most of our tasks are done online. When it comes to working online, multitasking plays a crucial role. It allows users to do multiple tasks at the same time. If you are working on a Mac system, you can enable this option which comes as a

9 Best Windows 11 Repair Tools 2023 Free For PC, Laptop

Windows is undoubtedly the most popular computer operating system with millions of its users worldwide. However, there comes a time when a Windows 11 PC needs to see a technician as many people don’t know about how to fix their underperforming PC systems. If you have switched to a new Windows PC i.e. Windows 11