Before to get start this article, it is necessary to know the terminologies to be able to make a counter position of each and every one of the elements involved in this digital age that often overshadows the traditional but not dysfunctional tools of daily management such as the internet the media and the money with which we still manage.

In the first place we cite a new term that for many is still confusing The Metaverso, according to “El Financiero” on its website indicates that it is a network of virtual environments always active in which many people can interact with each other and with digital objects while operating virtual representations, or avatars, of themselves. Metaverse is an acronym for Meta, which means transcendent, and verse, of the universe. You can check to learn more about bitcoin trading.

This is why Facebook is so convinced of the concept that it renamed itself Meta to highlight its drive to dominate the metaverse, which in a nutshell wants to dominate the internet.

The latter named and so they want to call it in a thousand ways will continue to be the internet, for the simple fact of having opened the doors to a digital age that is currently led by technology and its various creations

On the other hand we find the so-called super social media, where thousands of people are concentrated through the use of applications such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, (just to name some of the most talked about) engage digitally with people who are anywhere in the world and without having to use traditional media but only the internet connection , creativity and interest in sharing feelings, everyday life, projects, generating friendships or simply creating a group of friends in these spaces. In short, social networks have made traditional media obsolete, but they have not disappeared.

Traditional communication media are a fundamental part of our society and although social networks encompass endless opportunities to transmit any type of information more quickly and transcendentally, the veracity of said information will always be doubted, consequently that traditional media before to transmit a fact or news they have always had to carry out a preliminary investigation that supports the data that is transmitted either by radio, newspapers or television. As simple as that, social networks have not ended with the production of films, series or any type of audiovisual programming where the one who has the upper hand is the traditional media.

According to Gustavo Vélez in his analysis of the economy, the emergence of crypto currencies represents the most radical financial change that humanity has experienced in modern times. The concept of money and its use has not been exempt from technological changes, and as of 2009, the first sign emerged that the financial world changed and is known under the name of Bitcoin.

It is worrying from a certain point of view that the crypto currency market may eliminate current money in a future that is not so distant from this revolutionized present.

This topic is so intriguing and interesting that a documentary called The End of Money was published, which deals with nothing more and nothing less than the disappearance of legal tender worldwide.

If we live in an era of digitization, whether books, photographic albums, documents, financial statements, among many types of elements that a few years ago were part of our lives in a palpable way.

It is notable that the greater the evolution and development in a country, the greater the diversity of means of payment. However, most transactions are still carried out in cash since even in the most advanced economies the use of currency by society is very high.

Although we did not believe it, the digital age came to stay with its metaverse, social media, crypto currencies, but, respecting in one way or another the space occupied by the traditional elements of society, that although their disappearance is visualized, they coexist and support each other Just for the fact that there is still a demand that adapts to each of the media that intervene in our society.

Open your mind and do not close yourself to changes, because the reality is that many changes are coming.

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