The bitcoin mining in CHINA has taken an unexpected turn even against the restrictive measures of the Chinese government during the year 2021, because the miners managed to win one from the government, achieving that the rate of computing power or like themselves in their language called “hashrate” will go from 65% to 113%.

However, it is important to note that this increase of almost double the index is due to the fact that most of the Chinese miners fled their country looking for a better destination to be able to carry out the activity that has benefited them so much and that no matter how limiting they are imposed will not stop practicing.

It is curious to know what destination allows crypto currency miners to freely mine and obtain the most benefit without persecution or limitations that make them feel like criminals.

The US is now the first destination for bitcoin miners, YES! A rational and organized nation according to its constitution turns out to be one of the most attractive countries for mining immigrants.

What data could represent the oldest of the BTC other than its insignificant price of creation and that has brought regrets in so many entrepreneurs, investors and common people who now invest in such a precious crypto asset. With a value as insignificant as $ 0.003 in 2010, the date on which it was created and launched into the world of finance, so low was its value that it did not even reach $ 1.

Now who can believe that this digital gold has a value greater than $ 45,000. It is even funny, because more than one would have wanted to hit their head for not having believed in this volatile crypto element.

Although we do not feel bad, let us remember that our nature is to be distrustful and this type of digital resources lend themselves even more to increase our level of distrust and fear of losing everything if we only risk a little of our capital, remember that the markets Stock markets and crypto assets change overnight, as well as from one minute to a certain time of day.

Many believed, but most forgot what they invested and it is what makes this data as old as the price of BTC. Many people reaped their current fortunes by simply forgetting about that insignificant sum that they invested in BTC and that today would make them tremendously wealthy.

The future of BTC and CRYPTO currencies is as uncertain as the currency changes that have always existed in human history. Although there are predilections in the economic world that indicate our evolution to a crypto-aligned economy, the traditional prejudice of the people will serve as a huge obstacle to overcome it. Know more about what’s the deal with China’s government backed cryptocurrency .

The digital currency needs to find someone who can convert it to the local currency. The main drawback, and it is where the risk makes its presence, is the question of when to change or convert it. Some questions arise such as: if the financial markets, in this case the crypto market, becomes uncertain and we want to convert a bitcoin quickly, for another currency, assuming that the rate is falling, who guarantees that we can convert it to the prince who wanted to sell it to?

If the growing investment interest of institutions and corporations in bitcoin continues, new possibilities of use could possibly be explored, not only for this crypto asset but for much more, and a very important step would be taken in the evolution of this new financial ecosystem that has much more potential than the merely speculative one. If at some point this situation occurs, then we will be facing an unprecedented economic change.

Therefore, in future years we will witness the maturity of Decentralized Finance. Your formalities will be more sensible, safer and more comfortable to use. And in addition there will be a true revolution in the tokenization of assets.

On the other side BE SURE AN INTERESTING GEOPOLITICAL STRUGGLE WILL START, where the States and their Central Banks wish that said crypto currencies are private and, failing that, they are issued by Central Banks.

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