Many people are quick to assume that internet service is just internet service, nothing much. You call an internet service provider, get connected, and get your business rolling. However, it is not that simple. Choosing an internet provider requires more considerations, especially for business. As a business owner, your internet connection speed can make or break your business. Plus, you don’t want to incur costs on the wrong internet service.

If you are looking to upgrade your internet connection or select a new business internet provider, check out these factors that you should consider.

The type of internet service

There are two types of internet connections for beginners: broadband service, also called high speed and high availability service. High availability internet service offers a service level agreement for uptime or an average of two hours downtime per year. It includes the newer fiber optic connections commonly known as ethernet.

High-speed internet service included options such as DSL and cable. It is cheaper than high availability services and features high speeds. But maybe lower in terms of service reliability and quality, although it depends on the internet provider. If your business cannot afford any form of downtime, choose a business internet provider who guarantees uptime.

Internet speed

Your business internet speed can make or break your business operations. Before you choose an internet provider, calculate your business’s internet speed requirements. You should also account for peak times such as training sessions, meetings, and business peak hours. You should not frustrate your workers or clients just because you are not paying enough for enough bandwidth. If you have a VoIP phone system and your apps are web-based or hosted in the cloud, you need a higher internet speed for the successful running of your business.


For some businesses, it is necessary to stay connected every minute. If that is the case with your business and you cannot afford even a minute of downtime, having some level of redundancy is critical. Redundancy simply refers to an alternative internet line that automatically switches on when your primary line has gone down. It is vital with standard internet services, but it is also a must-have with high availability internet services if downtime means losses for your business.

Internet availability and the time frame

Internet service availability may be limited in new construction locations where the service lines are yet to be established. In such a case which is likely if your business is located in a rural or remote area, it may take some months for installation to be complete. So when choosing an internet provider, consider the time frame it will take to complete the installations and provide you with the internet.


The cost-effectiveness also comes into play when considering a business internet provider since it affects your business’s running costs. A high availability internet service comes at a higher price tag depending on your location. Thankfully, high-speed internet services offer more internet speed for fewer costs.

The takeaway

You can use the help of a professional to choose the best business internet. They can help you calculate your internet needs while considering how downtime may impact your business.

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