How To Turn ON/OFF Bluetooth In Windows 10 PC / Laptop | Step By Step Guide

laptop transferThe word Bluetooth doesn’t mean a ‘Blue tooth,’ instead it’s a term used for global wireless communication standard which allows individual devices to connect and transfer data in a given range(short distance). We all are quite familiar with it since its launch. However, its usage has significantly declined since the introduction of a hotspot. But it’s still used in many ways such as :-

  • Transferring data between devices(like mp3, pdf, document, etc.)
  • Transmission of data from cell phones to the ear piece.
  • To connect keyboard, mouse and some other devices to the PC
  • To connect your smartphone to the stereo system in your car and use it to play songs as well as receiving or making calls.
  • To connect the wireless gamepad to your PC, PlayStation or X-box.

The reason why this piece of tech gained so much popularity in such a short span of time is that it uses radio waves for transmission of data whereas other technologies at that point required a physical connection for the same.
It operates at the frequency range 2.4 to 2.485 GHz and uses a technology called frequency­ hopping spread spectrum.

Windows and Bluetooth

Windows has been supporting Bluetooth since its launch and has always provided the functionalities of Bluetooth with every release of their Windows operating systems.  However, there are seen some cases where users in spite of having suitable hardware in their PCs experience some issues with its functionalities or the working of Bluetooth. But all these problems can be resolved by following these simple steps:-

  1. Checking if the Bluetooth card is correctly connected.
  2. Updating or installing(if not already installed) the drivers for the Bluetooth.
  3. If the above two steps don’t work, then replacing the faulty Bluetooth card.
  4. Last but not the least, checking for malware, viruses, Trojan horse, worms, etc. as they can cause malfunctioning of Bluetooth.

Turning ON Bluetooth in Windows 10 Personal Computer / Laptop

Turning ON Bluetooth in Windows 10 PC is as easy as flipping a coin and I mean it when I say so.

  1. Click on notification tray icon in the taskbar.
  2. Click on ‘expand’ if the quick toggle panel hasn’t been already expanded.
  3.  Now click on the tile saying ‘Bluetooth,’ the tile will change in color and thus be showing that it’s been activated or turned on.
  4. It is turned ON on your PC or laptop now.
  5. To turn it OFF do the vice versa

Connecting/Pairing your smartphone with your Windows PC

  1. Follow the steps mentioned above to turn ON Bluetooth on Windows 10 Personal Computer. Turn ON Bluetooth on your smartphone(in my case it’s an Android smartphone).
    option in mobile
  2. Right click on the tile in the notification tray and click on ‘Go to Settings‘ as shown in the below pic.
    notification centreHere you will see your smartphone listed in the list of available devices(make sure that device discovery has been turned on on your smartphone).
  3. Select on your smartphone name and click on ‘pair’.
  4. After this, you’ll get a popup on your smartphone as well as on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop to confirm the passcodes.

    On Smartphone

    on the systemClick on yes to confirm the passcodes on your PC and smartphone.

  5. PC will start the pairing process, and you can see the progress on the status bar.
    le echo
  6. Both of your devices(Windows 10 PC as well as your smartphone) are paired now.
  7. connected nowHP sync

Sending and receiving data from paired device

  • Sending data from your Windows 10 PC/Laptop

1. Click on show hidden icon option on the taskbar.
2. Go to Bluetooth devices icon.
sending a file3. Right-click on it and click on ‘Send a file‘.
send any document4. Select your smartphone from the list of available devices(in my case it’s     Le 1s) and click on ‘next’.
le 1S5. Select the file that you want to send to your smartphone and click on ‘next’.
browse6. The data is being sent to your smartphone now.
sending the files now7. You will get a popup on your smartphone asking you to accept the incoming file or not. Click on ‘Accept’ and the data will be transferred.
got it

  • Receiving data on your Windows 10 Laptop


1. Click on show hidden icon option on the taskbar.
2. Go to Bluetooth devices icon.

sending a file3. Right-click on the Bluetooth devices icon and click on  ‘Receive a file’.

getting the data4.Open the Bluetooth on your smartphone.
5.Select the file you wish to send(in my case it’s an image from the gallery).
6. Open the file and tap on ‘Share’ icon.
7. Choose Bluetooth from the list of available options.

8. Select your PC’s name from the list showing available devices(in my case it’s HP).

HP guide
9.File transfer will begin with the status window on both Smartphone as well as on the PC.

fetching10.The file has been transferred now.

on smartphone

So this is a quick tutorial on turning on Bluetooth on Windows 10 PC or laptop and using it to send/receive data.


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