How Similar are Forex and Cryptocurrencies?

Since cryptocurrencies have entered the trading market, it might be difficult to see the difference between the different kinds of currencies. We have looked at similarities and differences.

With record-high currency rates, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have quickly become popular for investors. Trading with cryptos can look like traditional foreign exchange trading, but they aren’t completely similar. Therefore, we have looked into the similarities and differences between crypto and forex so you can get the best overview of different kinds of trading.

How does trading work?

When you do any kind of trading based on currencies, you are making an investment based on how strong or weak the currency is compared to another currency. Currencies aren’t fixed. They move up and down in value, based on how the market values each currency.

When you trade successfully with currencies, you take advantage of when one currency goes down, and another one goes up. It’s about owning your currency until it reaches its maximum value and then trading for a currency at a lower value with the expectation that it will rise.

Forex is less volatile

With cryptocurrencies, we’ve seen massive highs and lows within a short time. Take Bitcoin as an example. In 2021 the value of a single Bitcoin has both moved below 30,000 dollars and above 60,000 dollars. In general, cryptocurrencies have been making insanely huge changes in a very short time frame. The advantage is that you can make quick profits but in a high-risk market.

The forex markets are based on currencies that impact the everyday life of the citizens. The purpose of these currencies is first of all to keep the economy stable in the nations, where the currency is being used.

Therefore, the central banks have the function of making sure, you don’t see any unwanted high changes. This is in general making the forexes more stable and less volatile. You, therefore, trade based on the small differences between the different currencies. Here you can read the latest news on foreign exchange:

Opening hours

The crypto markets don’t care about weekends. Every time over the week, you can trade whenever you want. The forex markets are typically only open five days a week. The weekend is sacred in the forex markets, so don’t expect just to be a weekend trader, if you want to work with forex.

It can both be seen as a benefit and disadvantage. If you like the liberty of trading whenever you want, it’s to the advantage of cryptocurrencies, but if you want a break from the constantly changing currencies, it might be nice to be able to take the weekend off.

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