Facts you should know about C++ Programming language

An object-oriented, general-purpose language, C++ is hugely popular. There is rarely anyone who knows about the programming language but has not heard about C++. Designed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is an extension of the C programming language. It has an array of features of object-oriented, imperative, and generic programming models.

Furthermore, the programming language also has an array of other features and additional facilities compared to the ones found in C, such as default function argument, inheritance, classes, and others. Overall, C++ plays a vital role in a plethora of contemporary and modern systems, such as databases, web browsers, operating systems, and others, which have employed C++ in at least some part of their database.

Additionally, C++ is widely helpful in performance-critical areas, especially given its high speed. Here, in this article, we will try to address some things about the C++ programming language that you must know. So let us get started and address them one by one.

It was initially known as ‘The New C’

‘Many of you may not know, but it was actually Ric Mascitti, a computer programmer who christened C++ and gave it its name. His basis was that the ++ in the name is actually a representation of an improvement from the original C programming language,’ shares Steve, an educator who offers statistics assignment help services.

What Steve just said is a 100% correct fact. In fact, before C++ got its name, it was called ‘the new C.’ The thought behind that was simple. C++ gets its maximum inspiration from C. C++ is also built upon the same framework, but, of course, new functions and features have been added to the language.

C++ has influenced an array of other programming languages

‘The other day, I was reading through Wikipedia and realized that C++ is one programming language, which has influenced various other languages, such as Java, C#, and even the updated C versions. If it were not for C++, who knows what would have been the fate of these languages,’ points out Mark, an educator who offers PHP assignment help services.

Well, yes, Mark, and it is majorly because C++ draws its maximum inspiration from C. The language has been built upon the same framework but has only added new functions and features to the original language.

It has a vast library support

The C++ language has STL or the Standard Template Library. If you may not know, STL is incredibly beneficial as it aids in drafting the codes quickly and compactly as and when required. It majorly comprises four components, that is, iterators, functions, containers, and algorithms.

Iterators help in the working of the sequence of values. The functors enable the functioning of the associated function to be personalized while employing the requisite support of the parameters passed.

The containers have within them classes to implement different data structures, which are prominently used, such as queues, stacks, vectors, lists, sets, hash tables, maps, etc. Lastly, the algorithms may be of different kinds, such as searching, sorting, and others.

Utility of C++ in databases

‘There are an array of new and improved databases that are coded in the C++ programming language. These include databases like MemSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and others,’ shares Zac, an educator who offers ‘do my coursework’ services.

Well, it is because C++ is pretty modern. More so, this programming language supports an array of features, such as lambda expressions, exceptions, and others. In addition, several databases that are coded in C++ are employed in an array of in-use apps and platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, and others.

A steep learning curve

Several programmers join the world of C++ or C, but they fail to keep mastering and to learn these languages well. It is mostly because they feel irked in catering to low-level programming elements, like the multi-thread data races, memory storage model, pointers, templates expansion, address alignment, and others. When these elements are not handled well, the application has a possibility of crashing. This can be pretty frustrating for a new programmer.

It powers the world

It would not be an exaggeration, but rather the fact of the matter is – C and C++ are literally everywhere. These two languages alone power more technologies than we acknowledge them for. Maximum operating system kernels are coded in C, such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Furthermore, modern game engines are also widely coded in C++ or C, such as Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, cocos2d-x, and others.

Many modern browsers are also drafted in the language, and some popular examples of them include Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Chrome has the C++ rendering engine, User Interface, and JavaScript Engine. Safari also utilizes the language in the JavaScript engine and the rendering engine. Firefox utilizes C++ primarily in the rendering engine, but a little of it is also used in the user interface.

Please bear in mind; these are only inclusive lists. The actual lists are longer than you can imagine.

In addition, the interpreters and the compilers in the programming languages are also implemented in either C++ or C. Following the TIOBE Index survey conducted in March 2018, it was concluded that C++ and C are still the two most prevalent languages. So, no one should ever feel hesitant to learn them. Both of them continue to power the world.

It has over thirty-five operators

In the present day and time, C++ has more than thirty-five operators. These go from comparisons to logical operations, bit manipulation, arithmetic, and others. Virtually, each of these thirty-five operators can be overloaded for particular types.

However, of course, there may be a few exceptions here and there and one such exception in the conditional operator. This wide variety of operators make the C++ programming language’s user definitions more like the built-in kinds.

It is not 100% object-oriented.

You can compile a C++ code sans any classes, and it will still compile without flashing any error message. C++ has some extensions over the C programming language, which makes this Object-oriented programming language and generic programming language a lot more convenient.

So, these are some interesting things that you should know about the C++ programming language.

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