Email finder for business 

Never before has it been so easy to find customers in B2B format. Drop the stereotypes and prejudices! It’s time to make the work of your email managers more focused, and the result is more significant.

How does it work? Easy as pie!

In the current global economic environment, there are more and more companies that want to connect with suppliers or consumers without using Electronic Data Interchange technology. Since this system is typical for internal networks of large companies, the interaction of large businesses with small businesses is successfully established in the B2B format.

Forget about blind parsing, it is no longer in fashion. How long can you create mailing lists based on unverified data, send offers to random people without knowing anything about them? Discover – an email search tool that will be useful to you.

You just fill out the search form. You can specify all the necessary parameters for your target audience. Everything you know or want to know:

• The direction of your future business partners;
• Location of the business you want to work with;
• Name of the position to which the business offer is addressed;
• You can even add the name of a specific company or its domain to the search criteria.

The ergonomic interface is designed to make your search for prospects convenient and enjoyable. The program extracts profiles, then you can sort them, get additional information, and create B2B mailing lists.

You can import files containing company data and get quite a lot of emails. Then export your mailing lists to your usual email application. GP interacts with all mailers and social networks. Email finding occurs by the key queries set by the user, and the mechanism of the service resembles the actions of Internet search engines.

Using high-quality information and timely updates is the key to a successful business. You can use the service once, or you can make this tool an active assistant in finding new prospects for cooperation. In any case, it will bring the right amount of leads.

What does this mean?

You can use the email extractor service to import all the information you are interested in. Company addresses, websites, and phone numbers. Even searching for data about the size of the company and the number of employees will no longer be something fantastic.

From now on, your mailing lists will be targeted, and the attracted leads will be of high quality. Create lists, sort them according to specific tasks and suggestions, share them with your team, and be successful.

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