Curlee Cool’s Universe! Safe, Entertaining and Educational App For Kids Review

The Curlee Cool’s Universe app has been released by St. Louis-based Curlee Cool Entertainment, LLC. This interactive line of books and games for kids ages 4- to 9 is safe, wholesome, entertaining, and educational. The never-ending plot, which was developed by renowned artist, creative director, and author Sharon Hayes, centers on Curlee Cool, a jazzy yellow cat who seems to be using his imagination to create a means of traveling to another planet. Once there, he finds a variety of unusual, made-up worlds populated by bizarre characters. Every book and game centers on a different objective for Curlee Cool and his explorations.

Curlee Cool's Universe!

Curlee Cool: Who is he?

The world’s coolest cat is Curlee Cool! Take part in Curlee Cool’s extraordinary adventure across a wide range of interactive storybooks and games! Meet his companions and odd galactic creatures!

Engaging Stories

  • Each story has voiced narration and on-screen text so kids can follow along!
  • As you read, words will be highlighted, making it simple for your kid to recognize and pick up new words. For parents who want to read the story to their child directly, narration can also be turned off!
  • With just a click of your finger, take command of the action! With clear, simple menus, readers can easily switch between their favorite pages!
  • Tap on glittering figures or objects to make them come to life and hear a fun sound as they animate.
  • To genuinely become a part of Curlee Cool’s adventures, interact with the story and follow along as you read.

Fun Games

  • Play entertaining games with your favourite characters to unwind!
  • Score well in the game to unlock new gifts and advance!
  • Earn a wide range of things from every game, like skins or decorations!
  • Simple to pick up and play—great for kids and parents alike!

About Curlee Cool’s Universe

kids and their parents/guardians can use their imaginations while playing games, reading books, singing along to music, and learning through supportive feedback and motivational messaging meant to boost self-esteem and make them feel good regarding themselves and the world around them.

Kids can follow together with voiced narration and up on-screen text in Curlee Cool’s interactive stories. As they recite, words will be highlighted, making it simple for kids to recognize and pick up new words. Readers can jump between their favorite pages with just a few simple taps and bring sparkling characters or objects to life with animation and sound.

Words from the Makers

“We hope children and parents alike will learn that bonding through creativity and imagination is fun and rewarding.”

“We designed the Curlee Cool’s Universe app to appeal to people of all races, nationalities, and faiths with a message of unity and of love for our environment, health, social wellness, and wellbeing,” says Hayes. “We hope children and parents alike will learn that bonding through creativity and imagination is fun and rewarding.”


  • Only one we found is that the iOS version of app is not available in all regions.

The Final Words

The Curlee Cool’s Universe app is available for free download from the App Store, and it includes the first book and game. The app already received 5 stars as an average from its users. The app Size is 1.6 GB. Available in the English Language. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There is also Android version and you can download that one from this link. Children above 4 years can easily go on with this game. Visit for more details

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