4 Reasons to Wear Moissanite-Made Bracelets for Every Occasion

The type of jewelry you choose to wear mirrors your inner beauty. Additionally, it signifies your style and conveys the reason for wearing it. Essentially, jewelry is the perfect gift for yourself as well as your loved ones. Nowadays, there are numerous jewelry options you can choose from. For instance, one stone that is increasingly gaining popularity among jewelry enthusiasts is moissanite.

It denotes an almost colorless gemstone that is made from a rare mineral known as silicon carbide. This rare mineral is used to make different types of precious jewelry, and one of its distinctive features is its versatility. As such, the guide below highlights some reasons why you should try wearing moissanite bracelets for every event.

They symbolize good luck


Charm bracelets, for instance, are not just perceived as a piece of jewelry. Instead, they’re always believed to typify good luck. People often choose different charms depending on who or what they are fond of. Normally, the charms in the bracelets are not only specific but also personal. For example, if you have a puppy, you may consider getting a charm with a small puppy on it. The aim in this sense is to solidify the relationship with your puppy in the form of a precious jewel.

It’s an affordable alternative to diamond

You can opt for bracelets made of Moissanite instead of diamond or white sapphire, which look similar. Diamonds, for instance, are expensive and might be a difficult alternative if you consider your budget. Besides, today’s generations are interested in functionality and practicality rather than form. Importantly, Moissanite is an affordable option compared to diamonds as well as other colorless gemstones. Moissanite is also superior in terms of preserving its shine and is easier to not only clean but also maintain. In addition, moissanite also fuses well with other stones such as emeralds and rubies. Besides, due to its distinctive features, moissanite also makes for awesome.

It’s highly durable

You can wear a moissanite bracelet every day because this excellent stone is highly durable. In essence, moissanite is ranked as the second hardest stone after diamond, with a score of about 9.25 on the Mohs Scale. As such, you won’t have to worry about damaging your moissanite bracelet.

They’re meant for everyone

More people are shifting to moissanite-made jewelry because of its advantages compared to other gemstones. While a diamond bracelet is unquestionably one of a kind, it does not necessarily mean that bracelets made with other gemstones aren’t worth trying. Moissanite bracelets, for instance, are now the favored choice among both men and women. Men, for instance, are increasingly showing interest in this style of jewelry due to its elegant style and suaveness. For example, it takes their look to a new level, especially when worn with a formal suit.


The above guide highlights some of the reasons why bracelets made of Moissanite are the ideal choice for any event you may plan to attend. Some of its distinctive features compared to other gemstones include, for instance, its durability, and ability to maintain its luster, and doesn’t involve any exploitative mining practices.

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