Best Easy Screen time Management, Parental Control and Personal Education App: TimeoutIQ Review

A smartphone is a powerful machine depending on the user, and you can use it to educate the children. Many kids are spending lots of time on modern apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, which are designed to keep the users on the base. Your children are wasting lots of time on the games, and it is important to use the same device to educate them.

What is TimeoutIQ?

TimeoutIQ is a smart education app designed for Android, and it is an AI-powered app. Parents can use the AI-powered app to educate the children, who want to learn syllabus online. The world is taking a forward step by moving towards online classes & digital education due to the global pandemic. You should take advantage of the digital world to educate kids during studying hours, and that’s where TimeoutIQ fits the most.

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Let us look at TimeoutIQ app features, options, and how you can take control of the operations within the service.

Curriculum System

The developers launched the service for kindergarten to eighth-grade students and the library is based on Canadian school, Ontario Elementary School syllabus. The library is crafted by professional teachers and tutors to make sure that it impacts the children’s life. The app does have limitations but they are trying to improve the reach and this is a good beginning.

Age: 3 – 11 years


The developers choose a different path because the traditional education system is boring and it requires intense focus on the classes. The teachers & professional coaches have worked to provide insights on the subjects & syllabus, and the TimeoutIQ will focus on a question-based system. Your children don’t have to learn one-by-one, and that’s where a question-based system comes in handy. All questions are coming from English, Science, Maths, and others, so kids are not missing important points.

Dedicated Password Lock

Dedicated Password Lock

You can lock the app without an additional tool or third-party app because the app comes with an inbuilt numerical pin lock. Yes, you can lock the app and its options with a six-digit code.

You have to enter the pin every time that the app is opened and it triggers, even when it is minimized & maximized from the background. No loophole can be manipulated and make changes in the settings. Overall, it is a secure method to keep the kids away from modifying the curriculum.

Uninstallation Protection Layer

Uninstallation Protection Layer

The younger ones are smarter than the previous generation, and that’s where the developers added uninstall protection layer. Students cannot uninstall the app from their phone or their device because the app will prevent it from happening without the parent’s permission. We have to say that the TimeoutIQ app developers took this to another level, and only a professional can penetrate it.

Easy Setup

Parents don’t have to be a tech-savvy individuals to set up the app because the pattern follows the traditional method. You have to create a free account and then download the app on your phone & child’s phone. Pair the devices to control what’s track the progress of children’s education. Allow us to show you how you can do it on TimeoutIQ, but install the app on two phones.

Step 1: Open the app and enter the pin to access the option.

Step 2: You will have two options on the screen, and tap on one of them.

Easy Setup - 2

  1. Your device
  2. Another device

We choose “Your Device” because most of the parents give their phones or tablets to use.

Step 3: Type the name of the student and select grade, and then tap on “Continue.”

Easy Setup - 3

Step 4: Set the screen time and then tap on “Save Profile” to proceed.

Easy Setup - 4

Step 5: Tap on “Activate” to lock the app, so your children cannot disable or uninstall the app.

Easy Setup - 5

Step 6: You can read the number of things that the app will have control over it and then tap on “Activate this device admin app” to continue.

Easy Setup - 6

Step 7: Now give permission inaccessibility, and you are good to go.

You are good to go, and monitor the student learning activity, and don’t have to worry about it again.

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Bottom Line

TimeoutIQ is an interesting education app designed for modern students, who have switched from traditional systems to digital systems. The service is being shaped by the professional, so they can make it interesting and less boring to learn new things and keep educating themselves. Let us know what do you think about TimeoutIQ in the comment section below.

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