Best And Easy To Use, All In One Must Have App For Mac, CleanMyMac X Review

macOS is an advanced operating system competing with Windows and Linux. #The Apple software manages the hardware resources for you. It doesn’t give you control over it. The OS won’t let you clear the memory with the one-click button. Many third-party companies have forwarded and solved the problem through an application. However, you can’t put your faith in them all because it may put your computer at risk. Let me introduce you to a reputed application for Mac that will solve the most ignored issues.

What is CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac is a Ukrainian-based Mac cleaning program. The application scans the computer for issues and solves them for maximum performance. The developer has added many options you won’t find close to the competition. I have shared everything you need to know about the CleanMyMac X edition.

Take a look at CleanMyMac X yourself

How To Use CleanMyMac?

Let me give you a quick ride with the cleaning application. You don’t have to learn anything to operate the program on your Mac computer. Look at the program and how you can clean the computer in a few clicks.

1. Launch CleanMyMac X.

2. Click on the “Scan” button.

Use CleanMyMac X (2)

The program welcomes at the “Smart Scan” window.

3. Give a few seconds for the program to scan the internal storage.

Use CleanMyMac X (3)

The macOS system has a lot of stored-up junk you didn’t know about. The CleanMyMac X takes a couple of minutes to finish the scan. First-time users should bear this information in mind.

4. Analyze the results.

5. Click on the “Run” button to begin the process.

Use CleanMyMac X (5)

6. A pop-up appears to close the applications running in the background. Quit all applications for uninterrupted cleaning.

Use CleanMyMac X (6)

7. The application will delete the junk and remove the malware.

8. You have cleaned the Mac.

You will notice the performance increase of your MacBook or Mac machine. You won’t lose the saved data in the internal storage. The program detects the junk in the operating system and removes it.

Built-in Malware Removal Tool

CleanMyMac Malware Removal Tool

Apple sells the “Privacy & Security” feature in advertisements. The company works relentlessly to strengthen macOS machine security and protect you. However, the world is much bigger than Apple, and so are the privacy invaders.

Millions of Macs detect malware and virus on their computers quite often. Of course, the company released multiple security updates to fix the issues. CleanMyMac X has a built-in malware scanner. You can remove infected devices and keep the computer clean from all sorts of threats.

1. Launch the program.

2. Click “Malware Removal” from the side menu.

3. Click the “Scan” button at the bottom.

4. Give the program a minute to scan the computer.

5. CleanMyMac X ensured the system is clean from malware.

You don’t have to pay for another service to take care of the malware on the computer.

CleanMyMac Optimization

CleanMyMac Optimization

The CleanMyMac X Optimization feature helps you remove startup applications. You can choose which applications start during the boot. Allow me to give you an example. The “Notes” application appears on my screen after the MacBook startup. I did what I could to close the application from starting up. I solved the problem using the CleanMyMac Optimization feature. You can view the apps from the startup list and disable them.

a. You can remove the launch agents.

b. You can disable the login items.

c. You can view the hung applications.

d. View the heavy hardware consumption applications.

Increase the boot time and remove unnecessary applications from starting up.

CleanMyMac Maintenance

CleanMyMac Maintenance

Many older MacBook and Mac computers don’t have enough hardware resources to manage their performance. You can use the Maintenance feature to remove the useless application and free up the hardware resource. The computer performance boosts after cleaning and removing unnecessary apps from the background. The maintenance module flushes the DNS and improves system performance. You will free up hardware resources and use them in the running apps.

Empty Trash Bins

CleanMyMac Trash Bin

The CleanMyMac has a Trash Bins feature to empty the trash bin. Of course, you don’t need a dedicated application to remove junk. You have a feature in the X edition.

CleanMyMac Privacy

CleanMyMac Privacy

I never found the macOS permission settings easy to understand and inspect. CleanMyMac X has solved the problem and checked the permission granted to the applications. Select the “Privacy” option to check the applications permission list. I have permitted various programs like browsers, peripherals, and controllers. You can monitor them and remove unnecessary applications from accessing the system.

CleanMyMac Mail Attachments

CleanMyMac Mail Attachments

Thousands send and receive emails through the Mail application. Apple has added the Mail app for Mac owners to connect various inboxes. The Apple proprietary application works flawlessly, but it stores excess local data. You can remove them from the computer and free up the storage. The Mail will launch faster and has less baggage to hold and access.

Bottom Line

You get other advanced options like uninstaller, updater, extensions, space lens, large file detector, old files detector, and shredder. CleanMyMac X charges $34.95 per year for the service. You can clean the computer and maintain its performance without upgrading the hardware. Let us know what you think about the CleanMyMac X below.

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