9 Best Language Learning Apps To Use in 2024

As we are slowly coming back to life and the travel restrictions are being lifted from country to country, it is high time to learn a foreign language or at least boost our existing knowledge. Regardless if you finally want to visit one of the world’s glorious beaches in Europe or plan a business meeting, having one of the language learning apps will always help. Just take one step at a time and remember that they make it entertaining and much simpler for anyone even without prior skills!

Top 9 Language Learning Apps to Consider in 2021

1. Duolingo.

It is probably the fastest free way to learn a foreign language and overcome the fear of speaking and hearing the language. It offers over 35 different languages. Great personalization features make it second to none!

2. HelloTalk.

This free app lets you talk to people from over 130 countries free of charge! You just teach each other by choosing your target language and exchange video, audio, or text. It is as simple as that! Combining this great app with the best vocabulary apps will help you to learn new words and improve your pronunciation!

3. Babbel.

This app has various teaching methods and is based on real-life dialogues and a list of short lessons that offer both grammar rules and pronunciation aspects. It is more like traditional learning and might still require a teacher or someone who can help you understand certain aspects. Now if you want to translate some texts or use more subjects as you learn, consider The Word Point as they will provide you with certified specialists for your specific needs.

4. Rosetta Stone.

It is for those people who want to start speaking the foreign language right away. It supports over 24 different languages and has audio recognition to determine your level. It costs $35.97 for three months and also has a $179 price tag for lifetime access.

5. Memrise.

It has a lot of gaming elements and a plethora of detailed content for each language that you choose. Based on real-world phrases, it will help you to learn more about the dialects. However, if you need to understand movies or songs, it’s better to approach top online translators with the experience of creative tasks. You will also learn how important it is to understand the cultural aspects correctly!

6. Busuu.

It is great for business travelers and has a great goal study approach that allows you to focus both on the vocabulary and your conversational skills. You can try it free of charge for the basic plan and download additional topic-based additions.

7. Mondly.

If you like to see some fun and colorful language learning apps, Mondly will be the best choice! It has an instructor that speaks to you in a way that can be adjusted. It also offers a game approach that will fit the younger learners.

8. Lirica.

This unique app lets you learn Spanish by listening to songs by popular Latin artists. You will also learn about the culture and have some fun! It is only $4 per month!

9. Drops.

Regardless if you want to learn Japanese or Greek, it works just like flashcards to help you learn words and expressions. It has a pronunciation helper as well! One of the best solutions for those who like the approach of colorful cards.

Learn More About The Foreign Culture

As you decide to learn a foreign language as you travel or meet new people, it is vital to discover the culture and learn more about the existing traditions and peculiarities of each country. Consider watching anything from foreign TV series to tourist leaflets as they usually contain the basic information that will help you learn about the Spanish style of life or the countryside traditions of the Dutch people. Keep your mind open, show respect, and you will learn much more!


As a traveler with a linguistic background, Melony likes to explore the world and share what she learns. Her posts are always entertaining and accessible. Follow Melony to learn something new and make your plans and ideas a reality.

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