Dental Care Is Health Care: How to Start Your Own Dental Practice

Nowadays, we all know that people are focusing on health more than ever including their dental care. It is therefore a fact that starting a dental practice can be a very lucrative business even during these trying times. However, there are many things that you must consider if you are planning to start a dental practice yourself especially if you are starting from scratch. It is important that you are aware of these pointers before you venture into dental practice.

Start with a business plan and take down notes from experts and professionals when it comes to things that you are unfamiliar with like capital, equipment, location, insurance, marketing. Talk to Dental advisors, consultants, lawyers, insurance experts and accountants for questions you want cleared. Get wise advice and ideas that you think will best suit your own business plan.

Breaking Down The Cost

Depending on how big or small you want your dental practice start-up to be, there will be significant costs for equipment, staff, office rental, supplies and dental software that you need to be prepared with. You also need to set aside an amount for marketing given the fact that you still do not have clients in your business. However, there are a few tips that you can get to lessen the cash-out if you want to start immediately and not wait to save for more.

Though many believe that you will need a quarter of a million or more to start in this kind of business, it will still depend on your business plan. You may have the initial capital or you plan on getting a loan, whatever the case may be, it is best that you have a working capital that is available for your use.

Whether you want to use your still old-but-still-useful equipment or purchase new equipment for your clinic, remember to check out different equipment quotations first before making that purchase, it is also useful to check a dentist billing software for good patient relationships. In terms of your office itself, you can try to look for low-cost refurbished office furniture then buy new ones if the money is already coming in.

If you are already eyeing a location, try walking around in that community so you can check if the traffic is good and what kind of clients you should expect. As they say location is very vital when you want to start your business on the right foot. Strike a good deal with the landlord and know the rules around the area. It is best that you know your demographics and your competition in the area as well.

Making A Team

You may be the leader of your team and you know that you are good, but you would want a good back-up staff that will support you in your daily operations, right? That is why it is important that you hire staff that will work smoothly and ones that will be able to deliver. Of course you want your dental team in place like dentists, hygienist, nurses and receptionists or frontline staff.

Staff that are assets of your dental team will be a major reason why customers will keep coming back to your clinic. So, it is best on the onset that you talk to your staff openly about their salary, work schedule, insurance and HR matters. They must also undergo training and learn about their jobs and learn what is expected of them in return. Make sure a handbook is in place so that they know the rules.

Your Daily Grind

To ensure that your office will run well you must also remember that it is very important to use good and reliable dental software that can make your transactions and services with the clients more convenient, faster and easier every day.

You may not be aware that there are more clerical paper works that you will be handling when you open a dental practice. For your dental office operations you would need procedures for your staff to follow like staff work schedule, the chart of documents and payment of patients or clients, filing of client insurance, etc.

Another part of your constant operations is marketing your business, marketing your brand. Especially during these times that people are always online. Get help from different social media platforms to reach the wider community. On the other hand you must also include marketing offline, talking with business partners like your suppliers and other community groups like schools and businesses related to yours.


With all these in place there is no reason for you not to be confident in starting your own dental practice. Though the process of refining will be tough. You must still continue learning what works and what does not work with your systems, your procedures and even with your staff. As soon as you are able to surpass all these obstacles and gain your clients’ trust, all your hard work will definitely pay off.

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