TOP-5 Privacy Tools For Daily Web Activities In 2024


The Internet is a hyper-connected environment where people are no longer safe. Fraudsters, institutions, and companies track the sensitive data you transmit, record your calls, handle your IP and device info. Web espionage is legal since people seldom read the Terms of Use when installing apps and subscribing to services.

If you aim to start from scratch online and protect your private life and physical health, you should explore new services developed for cybersecurity. In this review, we reveal the updated list of privacy tools you are to use, even if you’ve got nothing to hide!

The list of the best privacy tools 2019

#1 Utopia

Utopia is a feature-rich P2P ecosystem that employs advanced encryption algorithms and mining opportunities. Data transmission, payments, and file storage are protected by elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. The environment includes must-have online arsenal – uMessenger, Idyll browser, uWallet, uMail, and Mining bot. To get internal coins, users should run any Utopia service and activate the Bot – the rewards are generous and effortless! Moreover, Utopia is:

  • Decentralized, which means there is no data warehouse to be hacked or intruded by third-parties.
  • Anonymous, which means users can’t be tracked by name, phone number, email, and other info. A unique code for each user serves as ID.

Install Utopia on a computer to secure all possible online actions!

#2 Brave Browser

Brave is a secure browser that enables safe connections, searches, and has a handy builts-in. Alongside with high-level security, Brave exploits the mechanism blocking ads.

Nevertheless, it leaves an option for companies to benefit and makes the blocker targeted. Users are free to pick which kind of ads they don’t mind to see so that the commercials are getting more efficient but not annoying. Every time individuals cooperate and express their choice; they got rewards in local currency.

Customize your experience – try Brave as a good alternative for common browsers!

#3 Disconnect

This service is a must-have to avoid online tracking and real-time web espionage. The selling point is that Disconnect separates trackers according to the source.

Thus, you can only disable social media scripts but don’t block online shops if you are willing to share the data with them. The prices are flexible; you only pay for the services you need.

By the way, Disconnect users can monitor how the devs distribute the fees between charity and platform needs.

#4 uBlock Origin

This tool is a time-tested ad blocker for Internet users who don’t want to contribute to Google analytics and data gathering. The algorithm is granular so that users chose which part of a website they are to block. The components not invading their privacy will work without changes.

This service integrates advanced technology that fights even Google Analytics. Download to protect your web behavior!

#5 Wire

Wire is an encrypted messenger that allows handling chats from a PC. This communication app is sufficient for personal use and the working environment. The difference will be only in pricing policy because Wire is free for individuals but charges fees from companies.

Instant messages, voice chats, files transmission are end-to-end encrypted and secure. You can share any documents but no more than 25 MB.

Wire won’t ask you to mention the phone number, name, etc. so that the communication is 100% anonymous and secure!

All in all, all the mentioned above services are must-have for privacy-conscious users in a heavy-surveillance environment. Test them and keep safe on the web!


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