Top 5 data science companys in USA

It would seem that a relatively fresh concept is actually present in the life of almost every person. For example, Data Science is at the heart of Google ad targeting, creating personalized recommendations on YouTube or Netflix. The importance of this approach can be proved by absolute values: the market volume of platforms for Data Science in 2017 was $ 20.2 billion, and its average annual growth rate (CAGR) in the context of 2025 will be at the level of space 39.7%. By the way, the market of tools for big data analytics, where solutions related to Data Science will sooner or later begin to dominate, although it shows a slightly lower CAGR (12.3%), will reach $ 105 billion by 2027.

The reasons for this growth lie in the ability of Data Science and Data Scientists to use a wide range of tools to infer working business hypotheses from big data and look for interrelated factors. The dependence of business on this direction has obviously become colossal and will only increase over the years. Determining the needs of the consumer and the ability to offer him the right product in the right way, eliminating routine in offices and defective products in production, as well as a relatively acceptable price tag for the implementation itself. Every data science company is innovative and it offers a lot of the opportunities for users.

Top 5 data science companies in USA

As for the best representatives of this sphere a data science company, they are as follows:

  1. STRAVA was created in order to get cities on the right track , so it’s great support for runners and cyclists. Strava is a social network for all who love fitness, as it allows people to upload and in the future share workout statistics with other participants. Among other advantages should be mentioned its anonymity and easy-understandable use.
  2. WATTPAD was created in order to script a new future, as it helps to turn books into hit movies. It is able to host stories from millions of readers, so nowadays a few millions of monthly readers all over the World try to find something up to their taste.
  3. CLIMACELL helps to sense an absolutely new way of measurement of hyperlocal weather. Its main aim is to change the opinion about the weather.
  4. MODA OPERANDI was created in order to attract fashion designers and help them show themselves with trend insights before production. As online shopping is rather popular now, it gives access to the best designer looks through marketplace of fashion and decor.
  5. AUTODESK helps to convert 150 million construction issues into rather safe and high-quality site. With its help it’s possible to predict risks and dangers in any types of construction projects.


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