SmartGolf Android App – Play and Analyze your Golf Practice with this App

SmartGolf is the company behind the two revolutionary products – Smart Club and Smart Putter. Both these equipments are tailored to help the aspiring golfers to practice anywhere anytime and record the data with the help of SmartGolf App. This app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices and can be downloaded from the respect stores. Let us learn more about this app and wee how it functions.


SmartGolf App – An Introduction

The SmartGolf App acts like a virtual simulation tool for the golfers who are looking to practice their swing and putting when it is used with the Smart Club and Smart Putter. The golfers can easily enhance their golfing skills by practicing virtually during the off-season using the SmartGolf Club & Putter after connecting them with the app. This application tracks the swings and putting of the player and give real time analysis.


The club and putter manufactured by SmartGolf have an efficient hardware equipped with powerful sensors that can track the complete motion of the golf shaft capturing a number of details. So, practice golf at any location and improve your skills following the tips given to you along with the analysis reports. This app also acts as a perfect golf trainer too.


Why SmartGolf App?

At present, you can only connect Smart Club with this stunning app to get all the swing analysis reports, but once the Smart Putter is made available, you will able to connect it with the app and enhance your putting abilities as well. Every golfer must use this stunning app to improve his/her golfing skill. You need not require going to the golf field to practice golf, the SmartGolf club integrated to the app helps you practice the swing efficiently. Let it be your office, home, or any other location, you will never miss your golf session with it.


The app includes different kinds of analysis, coaching, and single & multiplayer games too. Consistent use of the Smart Club and this app will help you practice anywhere and improve your hip rotation, shoulder turn, and the potency of your core and wrists. All the SmartGolf Club gets the following analysis for free through this stunning app:

  • Swing Analysis
  • Rhythm Analysis
  • Consistency Analysis
  • Speed Analysis
  • Club Path Analysis
  • Club Face Analysis
  • Distance Analysis
  • Direction Analysis
  • Attack Angle Analysis
  • Patch Angle Analysis
  • Golf Ball Trajectory Analysis

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How it Works?

Once you connect the Smart Club to the SmartGolf App, you are ready to start your training. The Club shaft is usually used to hit the ball to long distances. It required good power and effective technique to hit the ball to longer distances. With SmartGolf Club, you can practice on a virtual green field without actually hitting the ball.

  • After getting connected, hold the club shaft and get ready to swing it as if you are hitting the ball on the actual golf field. The app will also start tracking your motion.
  • Once you swing, the sensors in the club record the complete motion of the shaft and provide you a detailed report.
  • Going through the different analysis and improving on the basis of tips provided, you can take your performance to the next level.

Real-Time Accurate Analysis

  • Swing Analysis: In the real time analysis of swing, you can keep a track on the club speed, angle and rhythm.


  • Impact Analysis: It lets you observe the face and path angle of the club during the actual point of contact.


  • Compare Mode: It allows you to compare your recorded swing with that of a professional golfer.


Once the Smart Putter will be made available to the golfers, the people who installed this app will also get the putting analysis when connected to the Smart Putter.

  • Putting Analysis: You will be able to analyze the putting stroke on vital factors like Face/Path angle, Rhythm/Temp, and Speed.

  • Virtual Green: You can also practice Putting in the virtual green space keeping the wind velocity in mind.


The Bottom Line

Overall, SmartGolf Android app is an efficient app to improve your golfing performance while practicing on the virtual field using the Smart Club & Putter. It can also entertain you as you can enjoy playing golf as single player or with other opponents in the multiplayer mode. Try it now!

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