Pink Kisses App for iPhone: Get Your Daily Love Dosage

If you are running low and looking for some excitement, then The Pink Kisses App is there for you. The unique app sends one or two messages daily to users. The messages are not normal, they are flirty and romantic to make you smile when waking up! The Pink Kisses app for iPhone reviews gives you more information about the app.

Pink Kisses

About The Pink Kisses

The Pink Kisses app is a romantic app designed for all the youngsters out there. The app offers a daily dosage of romance by sending flirty messages to those who need a love daily dose. You can give any name you want to send messages to. Treat yourself and your loved ones with kindness by using the pink kisses app.

What’s new?

Unlike other apps, the Pink Kisses app is designed with the latest technology that understands what you desire. We all smile when we hear something good about us. Don’t we? Yes, it releases dopamine which is known as a mood booster. The idea behind developing this app is to help everyone wake up with a smile.

The app doesn’t come with a direct reply feature, but one can respond to the message. The app is designed to replace your physical relationships and gives you moody life.

Users can receive messages using this app by giving a unique name to the simulator. The app is there to deeper the relationships between friends and couples as they can uniquely send unique messages using this app.

Moreover, the app serves an intuitive user interface where you do need not to do anything. It works easily once you set up the app rightfully. Before we jump on to the steps to see how the app works, let’s check out some of the features of the app now!

Key Features:

User-friendly Interface

The Pink Kisses app is free from complexity. Anyone can use this app by simply installing it on their iOs devices. You can go ahead and download the app to start messaging your loved ones.

The app has a decent look on a pink color background. The dashboard comes with a simple interface where you would be asked to enter your personal information first. You can even keep a unique name for the simulator to start and receive messages.

Send/ Receive Unique Messages

Users can send and receive unique messages every morning to selected contacts. The app sends one or two messages daily with attractive phrases either to yourself or to your crush, colleague, or even secretary. The flirty and romantic messages help your loved ones smile. It acts as an instant mood booster.

Multilingual Availability

The company has released this app in three languages i.e. English, Mandarin, and Japanese. There is no information on the availability of the app in other languages. However, the company would add more languages to make this app available to the masses.

How does the Pink Kisses App work?

Working with the app is super easy and exciting. Since there are no special skills required, anyone can use this app like a pro. There are no complex features inside the app, just install the app, register for a new account, keep a unique name for the simulator, and start using the app. It’s a great app to have fun with! Let’s see how you can start using this app!

Step 1: Install the App

The Pink Kisses app is available for iOS devices only. Go to the app store, search for the pink kisses app and install it. Or you can install the app from the below-given link.

Install The Pink Kisses

Step 2: Register for an Account

Registering for a new account is super easy. All you have to do is just enter the name of the simulator and your cell phone number. Select the country code and enter your cell phone number, and click the Register button. You’re done!

Step 3: Name the Simulator

The simulator that will send juicy messages will require a name from your side. You have to give a quirky name to that simulator. The receiver will receive the message with the name you give to the simulator. It must be unique and quirky!

Step 4: You’re done!

The users will start receiving quirky messages the next day.

What users have to say about this app?


The Pink Kisses app helps you start a romantic journey with nominal pricing. You can start using this app by installing the app with its three-day free trial version. The app costs $2.49 per month or $20.99 per month.



  • Only one we found is that its not available for android devices.


The Pink Kisses is a unique app that helps you live a worry-free life. The app is known for boosting your mood as it helps your brain releases dopamine which is good for your overall health. Try out this app on your iOS device now!

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