ParkMobile Review – Finding Parking Place Made Easy

There has been such an increase in population that one can never find an open spot. In the busy hours of working days, there has always been a fight for open spaces. In such a time it is always great to have something that lets you stay one step ahead. Personally, I love driving always but it is always a problem when it comes to parking. But when an application like this comes along which lets you book a parking spot beforehand, you can’t help but try it.

park mobile space

Features of ParkMobile – Find Parking

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This application is quite easy to operate. It gives parking experience a much better view and easier. It requires you to sign in before using the application. The GPS system locates your location automatically. There are options for the display of the map and has a different type. It has a Default map and satellite type.

All you need to do is to enable the location services to let the application find you. One can choose different map layers which consist of places, transit, and availability. Although availability is a paid feature which can be got by getting ParkMobilePro.


You can enter the zone number and add it into one of the favorite category, recent, nearby. Now you can start reserving a parking spot. Reserving a spot can be done by putting in the area you want to park. The time slot is provided so you can choose the time limit for parking. It is advisable to choose the time slot sometime before you leave for the place.


You need to give in the information about the vehicle too. There are various promotion codes available for different applications. It also has gated parking options which let you get gated parking codes for entry/ exit. It scans your gate ticket.

ParkMobilePro gives reduced transaction fees, helps you can see availability and get driver discounts at various places. Payment can be done through credit/debit cards and through PayPal.

Well, the application does give huge promises. It ensures you have stress free journeys. It guarantees space reservation and re-booking in a few taps. It gives easy extensions and expiry reminders. There are many other extra options like Gated Parking, Favorite Zones, etc.

How to Park Your Vehicle Using ParkMobile – Find Parking?

One can easily download ParkMobile mobile application either from the Google Play Store or Apple store and install it.

When you open the application for the first time, you will be shown with the account creation window where you can either create your new account or sign in to your existing account if you have any.

You need to enter your email address/phone number and password and click on “SIGN UP” button to register yourself for using the application.

You will be greeted with the signup completion page or other details to proceed further with the application usage.

You can then add your Vehicle details to the application as shown below:

After adding your license plate number and other details, click on Next to move to the next window.

If in case if you already have BMW ConnectedDrive account, then you can connect it to automatically fetch the vehicle details.

Once after finding your parking space, you can choose the duration of the parking as shown in the below image:

park lot

Why go for ParkMobile – Find Parking?

  • A lot of cities are covered in this app in-addition to Venue, College, Theater, Stadium, Beaches and Air Port parking.
  • Functionality is quite great otherwise, but it sends many emails regarding one spot instead of sending notifications in application.
  • It’s great for finding cheap parking spaces. It gives clear directions and instructions to follow.
  • The good thing about this application is it is user-friendly, easy to step and takes only a few minutes for payment.
  • There are slight problems when you need to change the vehicle which is registered with the application. Slight glitches are observed, but at the same time, the dev team is working on those to fix it.
  • Payment options are very much flexible enough.

Final Verdict

Overall this application is quite good and effective for finding a parking spot. It does have minor issues with its hanging and slow processing. But it does find you a parking spot. There are always updates to the app in which they are trying to improve the processing of the app and also fixing the bugs.

It should definitely be given a try and one can decide if they find it advantageous and time-saving. Rating given to this application would be 4.8/5 stars. It has its own benefits and problems but the makers are trying their best to solve them.

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