How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Learning how to ride an electric skateboard is much like learning how to ride a regular skateboard – it’s going to take time and effort, but you can do it. The first few months might be awkward, but you would gain more balance and discover your style with constant practice.

Your first trick should be a slow, steady, forward, and backward rotation of your front foot. Don’t let your back knee drop, either. Be mindful of your front leg so you won’t scrape up against the pavement while trying to gain traction. If you’re still a beginner, then here are three basic steps to follow while learning how to ride electric skateboards.

  1. Master Your Stance

If you want to improve your skateboarding skills while riding an electric skateboard, having a solid stance is essential. This means that your front and back foot has to be appropriately balanced. A few simple tips can help improve your posture so that you can make better turns, get a better start, and avoid injury. Here is one,

First, you need to practice stance. The best way to find the best skateboarding stance for you is through practicing. Try out a stance for a few turns focusing on no one in particular. Make sure that it feels correct and smooth for you. If there are any complications or weird angles, scratch that out. Practicing will not make you a better rider, but it will help you understand what it takes to stay on balance and have a solid footing.

  1. Learn How How to Brake Properly

If you are looking for an excellent way to practice braking, then you might want to consider riding your electric skateboard in a controlled environment. This may include taking a test drive on a lonely road or skateboard rink. Testing your skills on an appropriate course will allow you to focus on riding your skateboard without fear of an accident.

There are two kinds of controls for electric skateboards. One is a remote with a slidable button. The other has a bigger trigger on the backside that you can pull with your index finger. Before braking, you have to be prepared for your weight to be shifted forward. To do this, you have to bend your knees and squat down a little. Dismount the skateboard only when you’ve come to a complete stop.

  1. Learn How to Make Turns

Skateboarding isn’t as fun if you can’t turn and swerve. Learning how to make turns on your electric board is one of the skills you have to master as a beginner. You can adjust the tightness of your trucks to give you more control over your turns.

To make a turn, you have to push the drive and throttle forward and then shift your body weight to your toes or heels. Beginners should not worry about learning how to ride on slopes at first. Practice your turns on a flat surface before moving to areas with curves.


Another good trick for beginners is to just go for it! Don’t get intimidated by the idea of riding on an electric skateboard. If you’re used to the traditional type of board, you just need a few practices; then you’re good to go. Always remember to wear your complete safety gear and train as much as you can.

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