Backend vs Frontend – what is more important in software development?

There is a strong debate among the naïve programmer regarding the superiority of the back end and front end development segment. But the skilled developers always give importance to both of this segment. You might have the best front end developers in the world but it will hard to sell the product by using the

How to Check Which Ink is Right For Your Printer

It can seem like a full-time job managing office flow and ensuring that all your devices and technology are firing as they should be. The printer is the perfect example of everyone simply thinking that the person after them will take care of filling up the trays with paper, refilling ink cartridges, or addressing that

Could It Be Possible to Return to Supersonic Passenger Flight?

Supersonic flight is still a futuristic concept for the majority of people, especially more than 15 years since the last supersonic commercial flight landed in 2003. The only plane that ferried passengers at speeds three times faster than ordinary profit-making airliner was the Concorde. This aircraft began its operations in 1976. Nevertheless, airlines that operated

The Technologies That Make Online Casino Gaming So Successful

  Online casino gaming is continually becoming attractive to gamers and the innovative technology behind it plays a vital role in this success. Since inception less than two decades ago, gambling at online casinos can safely be said to have overtaken land-based casinos as more punters find themselves playing on their PCs and mobile devices.

Be Careful on Social Media—Many Employers Do Background Checks

Background checks are becoming more and more common for employers in every type of field and industry. Technology makes doing a background check easy for employers. There are different types of background checks, but many background check sources use social media history as part of their reports. Many companies consider social media to be a

Easy Ways To Create A Mobile App For Your Business

It is fascinating how technology has changed everything for us, especially the way we do business. It wasn’t easy for a business to go global and reach many people all over the world in the past, but now, with the internet and social media, it’s a click of a button away. People started consuming everything

Thwarting Cybercriminal Attacks With Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing, also referred to as ‘pen testing’, is a means of looking at an application or a network or device, through the lens of a cybercriminal and that of an expert in the field of cybersecurity best practices in an effort to locate where there are weaknesses and recognize where security has

Complete Guide to E-commerce Landing Page

For all the e-commerce business owners, the main aim is to get more leads and drive more conversions. To achieve this, it is vital to grab the attention of your website visitors and then persuade them to purchase your product.  To get your visitors to take action, you must consider optimizing your e-commerce landing page.

Top College Application Essay Ideas

Still need to accomplish that application essay? The essay that is known as the entrance ticket to the college or university of your dreams allows you to share your personal experiences and traits that the admission board will be impressed with. But the reality is that writing an application essay is usually the most difficult

How Secure Is Your VoIP System

Both businesses and consumers benefit from VoIP systems. VoIP offers reduced expenses when compared to landline phone systems, more straightforward setup and maintenance. However, like any technology that connects to the internet, the question becomes: “How secure is it?” Can you trust your VoIP system to safeguard your personal information? Read on to find out