5 Things Every Student Should Know About WordPress

Most of us know WordPress as the easiest way to create your own website from scratch. WordPress actually powers over 40% of all sites on the Internet, which makes it the most popular website building service! Its tools are accessible to anyone, even those who aren’t versed in developing or similar software. It started out

What You Must Know About Oracle Database as an Oracle DBA?

A server remains at the center of every organization, storing all of the data required to keep the company running. There is no business that can exist without record-keeping everywhere on the planet. From small businesses to giant organizations, everyone utilizes the same server to store information about its customers and the orders they’re working

How to settle reCAPTCHA in Magento 2

The purchases safety stands for one of the main requirements of the customers. Any Internet shop should be built on an e-commerce secured platform. When we mention reliable and secured platforms we are sure to bear in mind Magento. Though, to make your store secure you should hire a reliable Magento development company. If you

6 reasons why property managers are turning to AR and VR

In the last decade or so, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have been more embraced by businesses than ever.  Specifically, the property sector is utilizing both these innovations to enhance consumers’ shopping experience. They are also revolutionizing the planning, designing and development of the modern housing infrastructure. A recent study by Goldman

The Past, Present, And Future Of 3D Modeling

3D models are practically everywhere without most people even knowing it. They’re present in online shopping ads, video games, blockbuster movies, and real estate showrooms. They’ve managed to make its way to immersive classes and office demos to help people visualize what certain products would look like. With newer technologies and widespread application across industries,

Upgrading: Best Laptop Releases of 2021

Laptops have become superpowered machines that allow you to play games, edit a movie, and make an album. If you are in the market for an upgrade, you have probably already done some window shopping. With so many laptops being released, it is hard to tell which are worth the money and just average laptops

2 Tips To Become Number 1’s On Instagram

When people are asked what being on social media is like, the intuitive comparison that comes to mind is a jungle. Why so, do you wonder? The answer is rather simple. Social media platforms are quite competitive spheres (especially Instagram) where everything happens and changes by the minute. Retaining Our Place As Number Ones If

Trending Mobile Health Solutions 2021

The current world situation with the pandemic has dramatically impacted the world we live in, and not just for the worse. For example, it facilitated the digitization of services: with people becoming more conscious about their health, the development and adoption by mHealth apps has skyrocketed. But, as it is with any other things, mHealth

3 Reasons Your Business Needs an Expert Infosec Department

Information security (infosec) is a big deal. Without a strong information security strategy, your company data, including customer data, is at risk. Data is big business to hackers. When hackers obtain sensitive information, they either sell the data to others or use it themselves. Either way, the end result is usually identity theft and the

Key Ways to Have More Success with Your Online Learning

If you’re looking for ways to build some new skills, gain a qualification, or engage in necessary annual professional development hours, you might be considering online courses or webinars. Digital learning was already going from strength to strength before the global pandemic hit, but it has boomed even more in the last 18 months or

What your business is missing out on – and how you can fix that

Your business is probably missing out on a lot of things due to the pandemic. Not only is it missing out on the small things, but you were also probably so rushed to leave the office that you didn’t have time to think about the important things either. Here are four things your business is