Best Video Editors for TikTok in 2024

Having the right video editor is crucial in the constantly changing world of TikTok content creation. The demand for captivating TikTok videos is only growing as we enter deeper into the era of social media. Content creators are searching for the best video editor designed especially for TikTok in order to stay ahead of the curve. There are so many video editors that claim to be a companion for TikTok and it can be difficult to find the right one.

But worry not, we’ve searched the market and found the best answer for you. In 2024, find the best video editor for TikTok that has useful features and not “cringe” tools that your audience will not appreciate.

Here are the best video editors for Tiktok in 2024:



The company that created TikTok, ByteDance, owns CapCut, which is a flexible and easy-to-use video editing tool designed especially for TikTok content creators. Users can easily split, reverse, trim, speed up, and rotate videos to improve their TikTok videos with its user-friendly interface.

With its extensive selection of editing tools and templates, CapCut is a standout tool for anyone looking to easily add text, fonts, filters, effects, and transitions to their videos. Furthermore, the application provides a pre-installed collection of music and sound effects. As a result, users can add a unique touch and character using the audio elements to their videos.

CapCut ensures smooth integration with TikTok by streamlining the process of uploading edited videos directly to the platform through its easy sharing options. The app is a great option for TikTok creators who want to improve their videos without having to go through a steep learning curve because of its accessibility and simplicity, even though it might not have all the sophisticated features found in professional editing software.

Additionally, CapCut provides both free and paid versions. Although the free version gives users access to the most basic editing tools, users can choose to upgrade to CapCut Pro for a one-time payment of $9.99 or a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 to unlock premium features and additional cloud storage. All things considered, CapCut is a useful tool for TikTok creators looking to add professional-caliber editing to their content.

Vivid Cut


Using cutting-edge AI technology, Vivid Cut is a unique TikTok video editor that is only available on iOS and aims to improve users’ video content. Designed specifically for TikTok creators, Vivid Cut provides a number of cutting-edge features aimed at augmenting visual appeal and creativity.

Vivid Cut’s large selection of body effects, which includes more than 40 stylish choices like Beam, Comet, Motion Trail, and Silhouette, is one of its main selling points. By changing parameters like size, length, and color, users can creatively customize these effects to fit their own preferences.

Vivid Cut distinguishes itself with its ‘Cut Out’ feature, which makes precise background removal possible and lets users easily add new backgrounds to their videos. The app offers a wide range of background styles to improve visual storytelling, from scrapbooks and vintage posters to California-inspired vibes.

Furthermore, Vivid Cut’s Face and Body Reshape tools enable users to accentuate certain facial and body features. Creators can add features to their chin, eyes, nose, waist, and height without fear of being detected, resulting in visually appealing and captivating TikTok videos.

All things considered, Vivid Cut provides TikTok creators with an extensive collection of AI-powered tools and effects to allow them to fully express their creativity and create captivating content that stands out on the platform.


iOS, Android

With its extensive professional editing feature set and intuitive interface, PowerDirector is a remarkable all-in-one video editing application. With more than 60 different video effects available, users can easily add eye-catching visual elements to their videos, such as X-ray effects, delay, and zooming, to make their content stand out on social media platforms.

PowerDirector’s AI Anime feature, which enables users to instantly convert their videos into anime art, is one of its best features. With more than 40 AI Anime filters available, including themes like Sparkling Love, Neon, Smoke, and Vampire, producers can give their videos a unique and captivating feel that makes them stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, videos maintain the best possible visual quality thanks to PowerDirector’s AI Enhance tool, which makes color and brightness adjustments simple with just one click. Regardless of your level of experience, PowerDirector provides all the features and tools you need to let your imagination run wild and create amazing, high-end video content.


iOS, Android

Zoomerang is a comprehensive TikTok video editor that makes it easy to create and share viral videos on short-form platforms. Users can access a wide variety of adaptable templates with its template-based video creator, and by joining a vibrant global community of 25 million users, they can stay up to date on social media trends.

With the help of the app’s AI tools, which include liquify options, AI Vins, copies, background removal, and special effects, users can let their creativity run wild and add eye-catching visual elements to their videos. Furthermore, Zoomerang provides an abundance of video editing tools, including various font styles, stickers, and music, allowing users to easily customize and distinguish their content on TikTok and other platforms.


iOS, Android

With features fit for a professional, InShot is a powerful HD video and TikTok video editor that will improve your content creation process. Its pro video editor gives users access to a wide range of tools, such as animation stickers, AI effects, transitions, and more, allowing them to create visually appealing and captivating videos.

One noteworthy aspect of InShot is its video collage feature, which enables users to easily blend several videos into a single, well-composed piece. Furthermore, by allowing creators to add extra videos and images to their main video, the picture-in-picture feature enhances the storytelling experience.

To further personalize your TikTok videos, InShot provides a variety of editing options like video trimming, merging, and speed adjustment in addition to a wide range of music, effects, and voice-over options. Emojis, filters, transitions, and keyframe animations are just a few of the features that InShot offers users to help them produce engaging and viral content for TikTok and other platforms.

  • Videoleap

iOS, Android

Videoleap is another solid contender that you cannot skip. This editor has compelling features that make it a unique editor that you can use apart from your primary editor. There are templates that are made specifically for TikTok videos. Users can integrate such templates to make amazing content without putting too much effort. Apart from templates, Videoleap also has an AI video editor and layers that give the ability to personalize videos by the users.

In the timeline where you are editing your videos, you can add keyframe animations to give your creation a character. With all these amazing features, you do not want to ignore this app especially if you are serious about creating TikTok videos. Android and iOS can easily download the Videoleap app from their respective app stores.


iOS, Android

KineMaster distinguishes itself as a top-tier mobile video editing application, providing TikTok creators with a smooth and robust editing interface. Users can easily convert their videos into captivating anime art, giving their content a distinctive and eye-catching flair, thanks to the advanced AI style and visual effects.

With the Pro Audio Editor app, users can easily improve the audio quality of their TikTok videos by accessing royalty-free music and advanced editing tools. A full suite of sophisticated video editing tools, such as background remover, gorgeous transitions, and keyframe animation, are also provided by KineMaster, enabling producers to produce visually striking and high-caliber content that stands out on the platform. With KineMaster’s features and tools, you can create slideshows, vlogs, and green screen projects that will make your TikTok videos stand out from the crowd.


iOS, Android

With support from Vimeo, Magisto developed into a user-friendly online TikTok video editor that uses AI to make the editing process simple and effective. With so many different editing styles available, users can easily make engaging videos that suit their tastes.

Magisto’s selection of TikTok-specific editing options, such as music tracks, filters, and transitions, is one of its best features. Users can add their vision and creativity by using the tools provided by Magisto. Furthermore, users can share their creations straight from the app to TikTok thanks to the app’s seamless integration with the platform.

Although Magisto’s free edition has limited features, users can take advantage of a 7-day trial to fully explore its capabilities. Subscription plans, which offer access to sophisticated features and resources for better video editing experiences, begin at $9.99 per month. All things considered, Magisto is a useful tool for TikTok creators looking for an easy-to-use and effective way to produce interesting and eye-catching content.


We get it, you want to post the best TikTok videos that make your audience keep coming for more. That is why, we provided you with the best available TikTok video editors in the market. Try and test each app and see which one suits your editing preference. Once, you find that one editor you can use it.


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