How to Buy A Cryptocurrency While Using A Credit Card?

If you want to get your Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, more and more companies are willing to accept it as a form of payment. If you choose to pay with credit, you will need to go through the hassle of using an exchange to make your purchase. It is riskier and more expensive. Learn the process of how it works and the pros and cons you might experience. If you want to know about bitcoin’s growing system and how it works in different countries, visit Bitcoin Freedom

How to Purchase Crypto:

It will not be possible for Chase to count purchases of cryptocurrency as an actual transfer of money in April. Some credit card issuers block the purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their reasons. Some credit cards, like Capital One, decided that it would only be wise to decline cryptocurrency purchases to protect customers from fraud, losses, and market volatility. Entering money into buying crypto with a credit card account.

Transaction Fee:

You will be given the transaction fees and the costs of the cryptocurrency before the transaction. When you go through ACH (your checking account and routing information), it takes a few days to determine where the money is going, but it is usually free. It is not wise for you to rush to buy inferior products because prices are most likely to go back up.

If a transaction is processed as a cash advance, like what can happen when moving money from your credit card to a cryptocurrency exchange, an American Express PIN transfer fee will be charged on top of the transaction fees the cryptocurrency exchange charges. With Payday Loans, it is common for them to charge 125% and up the credit card transaction amount. Each pay-day Loan takes a $125 deposit to be taken from a person’s bank account; due to a fee that the credit card company charges, a customer will be charged $100 for using their credit card to purchase $1,000 cryptocurrency.

You will pay an interest rate slightly higher than average for your credit card, and even if you don’t charge anything for at least a couple of months, you will be subject to a variable rate with no grace period. If this is the case, you will be charged interest on the Loan from the original transaction date. You won’t earn any rewards or anything by signing up for this credit card, so it won’t help you get ready to apply for your rewards card.

Foreign Transaction Fee:

If the cryptocurrency exchange is located outside of the United States, a one-dollar foreign transaction fee may be incurred. International fees charged by your credit card company are typically paid and are often 3 percent of the transaction amount. That costs $30 (and in that case, it is per transaction) for every $1,000 of cryptocurrency that you purchase.

Daily Limit:

Your Bitcoin purchase may be limited by the platform you buy your Bitcoin through, while you can acquire more coins at a later time. After logging into your cryptocurrency exchange account, take a look at your privacy settings to ensure your account’s security.

The Drawbacks of Using Cryptocurrency:

When investing in cryptocurrency, many people tend to think of it as a risky move. There are many benefits of purchasing cryptocurrency, but when you buy large amounts of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you should know the credit card’s fees and any restrictions on credit. Your e-mail address could be at risk from the data breach.

People set up exchanges to allow quick, easy exchange of cryptocurrencies. However, not all businesses are safe, and this only adds to the frenzy. Only play around with cryptocurrency exchanges that are proven, grounded, and secure. As a condition of using your credit cards, the company will guarantee your wallet’s protection for fraudulent transactions online.

Your credit score is based on a metric called credit utilization which is a measure of your outstanding payments. In the future, if you charge excessive amounts of cryptocurrency on your credit card, this could hurt your credit score. Adding to that, making higher payments than you can afford is terrible, especially if you fall behind your payments.


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