Why You Should Invest in Check Printing Services

Starting a business is one of the biggest challenges most people will ever conquer, and maintaining and growing one is even tougher. When you consider that only about one-fourth of businesses make it past the ten-year mark, you’ll need all the advantages you can get. Of course, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses and large enterprises alike had to adapt to remote working and communication. This is on top of the digital transformations that business owners are having to contend with in order to adapt to a modern world of big data.

In these difficult times, you need ways to cut costs and simplify complex business processes in order to stay efficient. One of the most reliable ways that businesses save on costs is by outsourcing services that they either don’t need to do in-house or that they lack the proper experience to do well. One thing you can easily and reliably outsource is your business check printing and mailing. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you need to invest in check printing services.

They give you a professional image.



First impressions are important in all parts of life, and business is certainly no exception. Whether you need personal checks or business checks (you’ll likely need both as a business owner), a check printing company makes it easy to customize your own checks and envelopes, so you can infuse all of your accounts payable documents with your own brand.

Customized business materials are a great way to present a professional image in general, and with customized checks, fonts, and folders, you’ll make a great impression on customers, vendors, and business partners alike.

They’re safe and secure.



When filling your check printing needs, you’ll naturally look for high-security checks with plenty of great security features, including envelopes that protect your personal information. With the best printing and mailing service, checks for business clients will always be printed on SafeChecks stock, which supplies the most secure checks in the industry. Every single check is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 trifold sheets and includes multiple security features.

For example, each check uses magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) to ensure legitimacy with any bank. This basically means that every check is printed using ink that’s sensitive to magnetic fields, which makes it easier to scan checks to ensure they’re genuine. This protects you from check fraud efforts, such as someone trying to pass off duplicate checks or counterfeit checks created with photocopiers.

All checks are sent in envelopes featuring black security tints, which prevents anyone from reading the contents through them. Mailing services can also help set you up with Positive Pay, which can match the account number, check number, and amount with a list of previously approved checks for further fraud protection.

They provide quick service.



If you order fast enough, check mailing services can actually print and mail your checks within the same business day. The cutoff for this will depend on the provider, so be sure to read about their services carefully. You can also select from a variety of mailing options, so you can choose the best one for your needs. You can get first class mailing, first class international, priority (2-3 days), and express mail (1 day) all through the USPS. You can also use FedEx or certified mail.

You can also choose check bundling if you need to get multiple payments to the same location. If you have multiple payments to make to the same vendor, but each one goes to a different office at their business location, you can set up a batch of checks to travel to the same place with different addressees for each one.

Don’t let payment processing hold you back from focusing on your core business, especially during a time when there are so many other challenges. With an outsourced service for mailing checks, you can trust that your payments arrive securely and on time.

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