Tips for buying social media accounts

Social media marketing is key to winning the competition in your niche, especially in the age of pandemic.

Having a huge following on top social networks like Instagram is essential for businesses. Without an engaged following, you can’t build sales funnel and increase your brand awareness.

Of course, gaining a lot of engaged followers is a time-sucking task, and that’s why many small businesses and influencers want to buy existing accounts.

If you don’t know why and how you should acquire an existing Instagram account, you’d better keep reading this article.

Why Instagram?

buying followers on Instagram in 2020

Instagram lets you reach out to a whopping 1 billion monthly active users across the world. It has been one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the last decade has outperformed many others like Snapchat.

Here are some stats you need to know before creating an account on this platform:

  • More than 70% of its users are aged under 35.
  • Its users spend a daily average of 53 minutes on Instagram.
  • It supports 36 languages and is available in all countries.
  • 70% of US businesses have Instagram accounts.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.

It has, therefore a great potential for digital marketing and brand awareness. That’s why it is the first priority of all small businesses and influencers.

The question is how you can boost your performance on the platform within a short period of time.

A tricky but cost-effective choice would be to buy an existing Instagram account with a huge following. This way, you have the support of a lot of followers from the beginning, which means you can easily build a brand identity.

However, understanding the intricacies of this process is crucial, which is where the expertise of agencies like Heavyweight Digital can play a significant role. They specialize in leveraging platforms like Instagram to maximize digital marketing and brand visibility. With their guidance, you can navigate challenges and optimize your performance effectively.

You can then customize the account so that it showcases your business. Of course, this process might have some difficulties, and consequently, you need to know some details about it.

Different ways of buying Instagram accounts

Buying social media accounts is a bit different from other goods. Generally, you can buy it in three different ways:

Online shopping websites

You must have bought something from online shopping platforms like eBay. It’s really straightforward and fast but buying an Instagram account is different.

For some reason, it’s not recommended to buy from such sites. When you buy something like a mouse, the other side is usually a well-known company.

But when you’re buying an account from a person, you can’t be sure about the consequences. The thing is that neither the buyer nor the seller can be sure about the safety of the transferring process.

Also, the variety of advertised accounts on these sites have decreased these days, and you can’t easily find the best choice for your business.

Online forums

Online forums are the second choice you have for buying an existing Instagram account. The thing is that the problem with the previous method still exists for this one as well.

If you’ve chosen an account on these forums, try to do a search to make sure about the seller and its account. There are lots of accounts with fake followers, and there is no guarantee for the transfer process’s safety.

Middleman companies

The last method for buying an Instagram account is by using a middleman company like Social Tradia. The fact is that it is really easy and safe to buy an Instagram account from these websites.

They usually check all the accounts to make sure they have real followers. Also, some of them, like Social Tradia, let you put your offer on any of the Instagram accounts. They do the negotiation with sellers and then issue the invoice.

Social Tradia offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case the account transfer is not completed within 5 working days after the payment.

In sum, using middleman companies is the safest method for buying an Instagram account. The transfer process is easy and safe, and you don’t need to be worried about receiving the accounts’ credentials.

Tips for buying Instagram accounts

The process of acquiring an Instagram account will not finish simply by getting the credentials.

Instagram will track any activity that’s against its terms of use, so after taking control of the new account, you have to pay attention to some points.

Here are some tips for buying and customizing a new account.

Delete the previous posts gradually

If you think the previous posts on the account are somehow irrelevant to your current goal, you might need to delete them.

The thing is that any harsh change in the content of your account might raise the curiosity of Instagram algorithms and put your account under the danger of being banned.

The thing is, using bots for managing accounts is not of interest to Instagram, and a harsh delete of previous posts can be regarded as an act of bot.

So if you want to rebrand your account, you need to be careful to avoid being banned or even facing a permanent account deletion.

Avoid aggressive actions

As mentioned earlier, social media platforms, especially Instagram, disapprove of automated actions and may ban your account.

Instagram may put an “Action Blocked” on your account if it figures out you’ve performed an automated action.

So try not to do lots of Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment, etc., on the new account because this massive change might be regarded as an act of bot.

Avoid changing your IP address

Changing your IP address may lead to your account being banned, especially after buying a new account from a different region.

Instagram might consider this as a change of ownership which is illegal according to its terms of service.

Try to use a single IP when connecting to your account and reduce the times you use VPNs.

Optimize your posting time

To put your posts in the eye of as many audiences as possible, you need to post them at peak hours. There is not a fixed formula to determine these hours, but people usually connect to the platform at certain times of the day.

The best time to post might be different in different regions and in different niches. So when you buy an account, you need to pay attention to posting times to save the previous followers and gain new ones.

This is especially important when your region is different from the previous owner. Try to use social media scheduling tools to make sure you’re posting at the best time.


Buying an existing Instagram account that has a considerable number of followers is the fastest means of reaching out to social media audiences. There are several ways to find and choosing a suitable account. Using middleman companies like Social Tradia is the safest method because they control the transfer process. You also need to pay attention to some tips after buying the account. In sum, try to avoid any aggressive change to make sure your account will not be banned.

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