The viral platform opens new horizons for betting with crypto, with the help of blockchain technology

Over the past few years using cryptocurrency became a big part of many people’s everyday lives. Crypto tokens firmly entered many spheres of life, including different businesses. The sports wagering industry did not become an exception: The more acceptance crypto tokens gained among users, the more traditional betting exchange platforms allowed their customers to use them to place their bets. However, despite multiple advantages of cryptocurrencies, using them on centralized bookmakers platforms can still be troublesome. The gambling industry is one of the most controlled industries in the world, with many limitations and restrictions. What’s the point of using the Web3 currencies if all of the transactions are still going to go through the centralized parties: The platform itself, the bank, and even the tax services.

The creators of Dexsport, the unique betting platform that became viral among wagerers during the FIFA World Cup 2022, found a solution to all the problems connected to gambling on traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges. Dexsport became the first decentralized blockchain-driven betting tool in the world that does not fall under any authority’s restrictions and limitations, and provides users a safe environment, transparency, provably fair bets, absence of topping up and withdrawal commissions and fast payouts without the risk of getting their funds frozen by a bank.

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How does it work?

Blockchain is a database that consists of blocks (or logs) of information, each one of which contains a timestamp and is linked to a previous block, forming a chain of logs. All of the users become a part of this chain, so unlike traditional bookmakers there is no centralized body, like a main office that would hold the customers’ information. The platform fully exists in Web3 space. This revolutionary feature helps users avoid regional restrictions and other problems linked to traditional betting tools, which allows people all around the world to get easy access to it.

How do I create a profile?

If you are not a fan of lengthy registration processes that require identity verification, verification of bank transactions, providing your tax information and other sensitive data, such as phone number or even the ID number, we’ve got good news for you! Being a fully decentralized platform, Dexsport does not fall under the KYC system. To create an account you need to finish two simple steps: Create and link your Web3 wallet to a platform, deposit tokens supported by the platform, and you are all set!

What is the entry level?

Dexsport is very user-friendly, unlike other betting platforms that might be difficult to use for those who are not very familiar with betting. Wagering on traditional betting exchanges requires experience in wagering and knowledge of liquidity ratios, mitigation of losses, pools, etc., and might be difficult to navigate. It’s extremely easy to place a bet using this decentralized tool. Thanks to the shared liquidity pools you will get the best coefficients and fast deals.

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