How to Buy an Office Desk: A Complete Guide

Want to buy an office work surface but have no idea what to look for? In the post below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the simple exercise and highlight the types of office desks available. Find out all about office desks in this guide.

Sounds easy, right? You walk into a furniture store, identify a lectern and purchase it. Case closed. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. There are a variety of office desks in the market, and each has a specific audience.

If it’s your first time purchasing an office davenport, we realize that the process can be confusing. That’s why we’re providing a detailed guide on how to buy an office desk for you.

Types of Office Desks

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There are over 5 types of office desks available for purchase. As we shall see, each of them is unique and is suitable for a specific workspace.

Executive Desks

If you’ve got a spacious home office, then an executive lectern is perfect for you. Their large feature is a significant eye-catcher.

Although most of them only have one work surface, they are mostly combined with a credenza with or without a cabinet for preservation and extra workspace.

Standing Desks

Arguably the most common type of office desk, an office standing desk allows you to sit and stand with ease as you work. It’s most suitable for medium to large workspaces.

They are stationary and must be used in combination with an adjustable height stool or standard height desk.

If you’re wondering where to buy an office desk, a reputable online store such as Autonomous is a great place.

Writing Desks

If you’re a worker who’s working without deadlines, the writing desk may be the right companion for you.

They have a typical work surface minus a pedestal for preservation. This, as well as their impressive compact size, makes them a perfect fit for all types of workspaces.

They may, however, include a keyboard tray or pencil drawer beneath the center of the work surface.

L-Shaped Desks

It’s in the name. An L-shaped desk is a davenport that’s got an ‘L’ shape. It’s best for a spacious workspace.

It comes with several connecting parts- a return and a desk. The return portion is thin and you should use it as extra work surface space while the desk part is ordinarily bigger.

Though most alternatives contain an incomplete back that you should place in the corner of a room, you can also get L-desks that are totally complete on all sides and that you can use in the middle of your workspace.

Computer Desks

A computer desk is a single surface office desk with one or two preservation pedestals. They typically have wire management capabilities, a work surface space for a desktop computer, and filing drawers.

If you’ve got a home office or workspace that isn’t big enough for an executive workstation, you won’t go wrong with a computer lectern.

Adjustable Height Desks

Like a standing desk, this type of work surface has a desktop that moves up and down and can be used in all office workspace types.

You can raise or lower the surface either through a manual mechanism or an electric one.

Since it can be used for both sitting and standing, you can use it with a standing office seat.

U-Shaped Desks

A U-shaped desk provides more room than an L-shaped work surface and is, therefore, best for large floor spaces. There are certain compact varieties, though.

They are mostly used in executive flare offices, and because of that, they nearly always include filing pedestals for built-in preservation.

They’re slightly similar to L-shaped lecterns, only that they have several work surfaces, which include a credenza, the main desk, and a bridge.

Corner Desks

These work surfaces are particularly designed for corners. They have a curved corner, which is an indicator that you should work right in the middle with the free workspace on each of your sides.

They can come with or without preservation pedestals and can be used in all workspaces.

However, one thing to note is they’re mostly large, so please pay attention to the size while you’re on your desk-shopping spree.

Credenza Desks

These are narrow storage spaces with knee room that enables you to use them as a workstation.

They’re ideal for medium to large workspaces and are commonly used together with a U-shaped desk and have one or two storage pedestals.

Compact Desks

These gifts of ingenuity are a minimum-space office worker’s dream come true. They are computer davenports on a lesser scale and come in handy in tight quarters.

An additional perk of theirs is they can be available in corner shapes plus L-shaped and straight designs to fit almost anywhere.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Office Lectern

The right office desk helps you achieve your maximum working potential, while a wrong choice makes you groan every time you work.

Here are some ideas of what to look for in an office desk that you should always bear in mind for the desk that adequately meets your work needs:


How long will the desk last? There are so many knock-off versions of quality desks out there that it pays to be keen while you inspect your choice.

Study the edges. Are they frayed? How much pressure can the desk withstand? How about the feel?

Of course, the weight it can withstand depends on the individual davenport, so that shouldn’t always prevent you from buying it. The material used to create the desk surface largely contributes to its durability.

Material Used

Let’s expound on the previous point, shall we?

If you’re looking for endurance, then a steel or metal desk surface is the best pick for you.

They may not be professional-looking, but they are ideal for desks meant for high-traffic areas or those subject to heavy use in the long-term.

You can tell if metal or steel desks are quality by feeling and checking their overall weight.

Space and Ergonomics

You work hard. It is, therefore, only reasonable that you get a desk that positively supports your work tendencies.

As you sit behind the work surface, there should be approximately three-and-a-half feet of space. A minimum of three feet of space should also be present in-between the lectern and other pieces of office upholstery.

It should also offer clearance for your legs. Typical desk ranges of 29 to 30 inches from the floor are enough for most workers.

If you use a computer, the keyboard should be placed at a comfortable range. Your computer desk should have adjustable legs or be equipped with a keyboard platform. Please see to it that the keyboard platform is spacious enough to contain a mouse.

Finally, materials and desktop equipment on the work surface should be within comfortable and easy reach. And, the desk should have enough space to contain things needed for an office desk, so your mind isn’t jumbled as you work.

How Will You Use Your Davenport?

If it’s for a combination of meetings, computer tasks, and paperwork, look no further than a U-shaped or L-shaped desk.

The former is great if you’re financially stable as it provides extra space and will be appealing to guests or clients.

If 90% or more of your work is computer-related, go for a workstation or lectern that’s particularly crafted for computer use. Remember to look for fixed wiring channels or holes for electrical bonds.

And, if you’re using a PC, ensure that the desk provides a compartment or space to hold the CPU beneath.

For space-conscious office workers, the compact desk-alternative won’t disappoint.

Are you looking to buy a home office lectern? Consider a computer bookcase if you’d like to conceal work litter in your space. L-shaped work surfaces are frequently a top choice and are suitable whenever your work lectern requires sharing space in another room such as a family room or bedroom.

If you’re generating paperwork, select a workstation or desk that will have the most space on the surface so you can contain that pile of essential papers, spreadsheets, or heavy books.

Its Level of Back-Friendliness

If the desk is hard on your back, it isn’t a choice option, no matter how attractive it is.

Sitting for hours on end can deal with quite an amount of pressure on your back. It’s even worse if you have back conditions already.

Here’s where a stand-up desk comes to the rescue. It allows you to stand up as you work, making you more alert and saving you from additional complications such as obesity, heart disease, and high blood sugar levels.

Take a stand today and buy a standing desk to experience working on a whole new level.


Office desks are essential for a productive workday.

Sure, you may substitute them with traditional work surfaces, but as research indicates, you’re doing more harm than good to your back and spine.

It may take some time adjusting to an office davenport if you’re not used to it, but we guarantee that you’ll adjust sooner than you think.

And there you have it: A comprehensive guide on purchasing an office lectern. With this guide, you would have gotten the assistance you need to buy a standing desk for your workspace.

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