How much does it cost to 3D print?

It is often not an easy decision to start with 3D printing. This is mostly since there are more and more materials and printing methods available every month, so it is hard to understand which solution will meet your budget. However, in this article the costs you should know about before you start 3D printing New York City will be outlined.

3D printer

How much a 3D printer costs that fits your wishes is hard to say. This is the case since they are based on different types of technologies. You could purchase a simple 200 dollar FDM machine, but it is also possible to buy a very sophisticated one that will cost thousands of dollars. If you want to buy your own 3D printer, you need to decide which technique will match your wishes and needs. For a starter it is advised to purchase a basic FDM 3D printer, which is relatively cheap. This way you can start experimenting without spending a lot of money. Do you want a printer for professional purposes? Then expect to pay a minimal amount of 4000 dollars. In this case it could be better to hire a 3D print service or rapid prototype your parts.


Besides a 3D printer you will also need materials to be able to create a three dimensional object. The more advanced your printer is, the more expensive the materials will be. You need to take this into account. For FDM 3D printers the materials will thus be relatively cheap, these are usually thermoplastic filaments. These are materials that are often used in 3D printing, popular examples are ABS, Nylon, and PLA. The materials will naturally cost more depending on how technical or precious it is. Metals such as Stainless Steel 316L could cost hundreds of dollars per kilo, for example.


If you want your object to be sophisticated, you may want to complement it with finishing works. The print often has a raw texture, which may not be a look you enjoy. If this is the case, you could add extra polishing work to make the product completely perfect. Obviously this will cost more money. This process can be employed on thermoplastics, but also on a few resins. Dyeing or painting the item may also be necessary if you want to customize your 3D print with colors. This is not possible with most printing technologies.

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