Best Tips for Instagram Live and Reels

Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform. The Facebook company acquired the social media app and then shifted the focus to short videos and live streaming. We have compiled timely tests on our social media profiles to live video streaming and convert them into followers. New users should learn modern ways and algorithm modifications to attract millions.

How do we know if the Instagram Live tips work?

Best Tips for Instagram Live and Reels

We have uploaded many videos across social media platforms over the years. We have learned a lot during our testing phase about the new short video wave. We have listed the tips after receiving some love from the Instagram algorithm and live audience.

Test your live streaming setup

Many big-time streamers haven’t tested the first-ever live stream. We check our streams before making the stream in the public domain. You will learn about the shortcomings beforehand and save yourself from embarrassment. The audience should feel the connection.

A. Check the video quality

B. Check the background and camera adjustment

C. Check the audio quality and background noises

D. Check the internet upload speed and connection consistency

You can take this time to check the multistream for stability and quality control. The first impression should be impactful and maintain quality throughout the session.

Instagram Live Early Promotion

Notify the audience about the Instagram live video streaming a few hours early. Big-ticket players don’t have to tell the audience gracing them in the live stream. Smaller Insta users should inform their followers early on, so they can join you. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube community posts, Snapchat, etc. Use any medium and post them about the upcoming stream.

You can also try Flutin, which is a live video streaming platform you can use for IG live. It is the only platform supporting direct Instagram live and you can also connect to 30+ streaming platforms like Facebook. YouTube, Twitch.

You can also personalize your Instagram live stream to create an exciting and interactive stream by using advanced features like pre-recorded streaming, Custom Branding, Guest invites and much more.

Choose a subject on request

Choose an engaging subject for the upcoming live stream. Don’t start a random topic because the conversation will move from south to north in no time. Note the popular trends, audience demands, and questions, and create a conversation around them. Of course, you shouldn’t hold Q&A sessions all the time, or the viewers will lose interest.

Stop Promoting Goods and Service in Live Streaming

Many Instagram influencers go live to promote other brands’ products and services. Viewers have become tired of watching advertisements after streaming platforms have forced them to watch ads over the years. Create a unique relationship with the followers by creating one-on-one conversations. Focus on building a personal relationship with the viewers. Stop promoting new products or services in the live stream.

Use Question Sticker

Excellent live streamers have a purpose when streaming content online. Put a question sticker and keep the viewers on track. Answer informal questions in between, but you should stick with the main topic. Viewers don’t hesitate to change the subject. Switch to plan B and avoid embarrassment. The internet space is crazy, and you shouldn’t lose control over the live streaming.

Reply Comments

Celebrities and influencers never reply to their followers from time to time. As an influencer, you should take time from your busy schedule and respond to the comments. You can witness the overjoy in the followers and create a unique relationship. Every successful influencer has gained loyal followers by responding to the comments.

Review your live stream video

Great actors, sportsman, and artists review their performances to learn from the third POV. I watched many old videos to learn about the mistakes and where I can improve. Writing compelling scripts, adjusting the camera angle, adding new colors, etc. Download the Instagram live stream video in the local storage and watch it on a PC or TV. You can reuse the video clip on other social media platforms.

Review Direct Messages

Many influencers have crazy Direct Messages stories. However, open the DM’s and review them from time to time. Learn about the followers through the messages, and respond to the good ones. Of course, you don’t have to continue the conversation, but the followers will be happy to hear from you.


Stream on Sundays or a scheduled day, so you don’t have to promote the Instagram live stream. Viewers will remember throughout the weeks about the upcoming live streams. They will tune into the video when you are about to go live.

Bottom Line

The social media platform is a crazy place, and you should have a balance in life for a stable online presence. Create a schedule and follow them regularly for good results. Instagram has changed in the last few years due to the TikTok trend. You don’t have to sketch a master strategy to break the social media platform.

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