Video conferencing: what is it for and what program is suitable?

In the past few years, the videoconferencing industry has received more and more intelligent features that rely on machine learning algorithms.

Speech-to-text technology translates speech into text to create subtitles. Such, for example, is used in Microsoft Teams.

The Evalk company in 2018 developed a service for recognizing and translating gestures into text. All you have to do is place your phone or tablet in front of you during a video call.

Meta has begun testing its remote work app on Horizon Workrooms, a virtual reality service where users can meet as avatars. The company promises to introduce improved low-latency surround sound technology that will bring realism to conversations. Users are already gradually moving into VR, creating virtual desktops there.

Video conferencing services for business, such as iMind, are constantly evolving and improving the application interface.

Video conferencing

Scope of videoconferencing

Video conversations have become very popular in many social and other areas of a person.


During the pandemic, the direction of telemedicine received an impetus to development. Through video conferencing, doctors can consult patients remotely, which saves their working time and makes access to medical services safer, since there is no need to visit hospitals. For residents of small towns, video communication allows you to quickly get to the consultation. For example, medical centers use video to communicate remotely between medical professionals, as well as doctors and patients. Video calling allows you to:

  • make diagnosis;
  • discuss the patient’s treatment plan;
  • monitor his health;
  • make acceptance decisions.

You can see that it was impossible to dream about this before, but today such functions are a common practice.


Many schoolchildren and students switched to distance learning during the pandemic, and video communication made it possible to organize a full-fledged educational process. Via videoconferencing, teachers from other cities and countries that do not have the opportunity to conduct classes offline can be involved in lectures.


Each enterprise can communicate with the main office, as well as suppliers and customers. An example is the German company BJB, a world leader in the production of components for lamps and household sockets. BJB chose a video communication solution that allows documents and images to be transferred from a computer in parallel with the video stream, so that the 3D models can be modified during the video conference itself. At the same time, video systems are connected to ordinary personal computers, and all employees of the company can exchange 3D files with their interlocutors.


Videoconferencing saves time for HR managers and candidates, allows interviews with many applicants, including those from other regions. Video meetings are also a good means of adaptation and training of a new employee.

How to choose the perfect video conferencing software?

When selecting an application, you must first determine the tasks that it will perform. You should take into account how many users will participate in online meetings and how long the conferences will last.

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