Turn On Nvidia Reflex In Naraka: Bladepoint If You Have An Older GPU

Naraka: Bladepoint is the latest game to hit the shelves that has all the support for Nvidia’s Technology that makes gaming better such as with DLSS it also benefits from Nvidia Reflex, which is Nvidia’s Latency reduction tech that is designed to give gamers an advantage in-game, in fact, Nvidia has been working with many developers to bring Reflex in other titles as well and Naraka: Blade point is the 19th game to have this feature.

Although lowering system latency is never a bad thing, but how much difference does it make? It can be a bit complicated as measuring latency is a tricky beast, even with the right hardware, as you need an area of the screen to flash after you press a button so that latency can be measured. Naraka: Bladepoint’s main trade is melee combat, and as we know that swords don’t usually produce an explosion of light when used; however, Thankfully, there is some gunplay to enjoy in the game as well, and the game’s musket produces a wonderfully over the top explosion every time you fire it.

For Reflex to really have an impact, you need to be GPU bound: at 1080p; the RTX 3080 quite happily gives around over 200fps at the highest preset. Turning Reflex on improves latency by less than 4%, as checked and tested by Alan Dexter, a PC tech writer who tests hardware.

The same is not true for the GTX 1660 super as it struggles to maintain even 30 fps at high preset; however, turning Reflex on shows some major improvement by about 25%, especially when you choose the Reflex On+ option, which maxes out GPU utilization and draws more power which helps in improving latency just a bit more.

It is obvious that you’re unlikely to play a competitive Battle Royale at 30fps, even with Reflex on. Dropping down to the very lowest settings at 1080p on the GTX 1660 Super, the framerate jumped up to be more in line with the 3080 at the highest settings around 200fps. It doesn’t look anywhere as good, but it is a much smoother experience, and the latency drops significantly as well, but the whole point of Reflex, though, is that it allows you to up the settings while keeping latency reasonably in check, So, some Medium or even High settings should be possible, while also maintaining a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

So, should one turn on Nvidia Reflex setting if you have an older Nvidia card? The simple answer is yes because it should allow you to play at slightly better settings while keeping the overall system latency low, resulting in playing better-looking games with low latency, which is what every gamer wants.

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