Fast COVID-19 Test: Safe, Convenient, At-Home

Another year of the pandemic is underway and seems that people still have to get tested for coronavirus regularly. After all, the health and well-being of friends and family is the first priority of every society member. 

What we have are the recommendations regarding the testing. Basically, before flying internationally or visiting a public event, everyone should get their proof of negative PCR testing. The same is true for cases when a person was in contact with an infected. Or simply when someone is experiencing flu, cold, or COVID-19-like symptoms. 

Let’s find out how accurate fast testing actually is and where you can get valid results. 

Is the Quick COVID-19 Test Even Accurate?

First goes first, quick or fast test covid reviewed in this post is a PCR testing, the results of which are delivered faster than within 48 hours. Some of the reliable lab service providers manage to issue results within 24 hours or even much faster if the workload and other factors allow it to. 

Actually, PCR testing is regarded as a “gold standard” of testing. Nowadays, it’s the most reliable and accurate test, with a sensitivity of about 97.3%, which is quite impressive. 

Probably the next question that comes to mind is if mobile fast PCR testing is as precise as in-lab one. Basically, mobile vans just allow a nursing provider to arrive at your home and get the nasal swab which is then tested in a controlled environment as well. So, it’s safe to claim that mobile PCR testing is as reliable as in-lab PCR testing. 

Safe At-Home Fast Test COVID-19 with GetResultsToday

If you are looking for quick Covid testing from a CLIA-certified laboratory services provider — GetResultToday must be your first choice. With multiple lab locations and testing vans available, walk-in or at-home testing has never been that convenient and quick before.

You can book an appointment online via our website. Our capabilities allow us to deliver at-home PCR testing at the place and time of your choosing. Without compromising your safety or the accuracy of the booked online covid testing. You may also visit one of our lab locations if you wish to.

GetResultToday sends your results, approved by all international airlines, via email. You may also get a printed copy at our reception area. At-home, fast PCR is how you take care of your health and save your valuable time for what matters the most. 


Final Take

Fast test covid is what allows you to get the proof-of-negative results within reasonable terms (less than 24 hours, normally). You may also always request mobile testing from your provider if they have such a service option available. You should not be worried about the accuracy of at-home testing as it’s the same as regular PCR testing. 

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