Thwarting Cybercriminal Attacks With Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing, also referred to as ‘pen testing’, is a means of looking at an application or a network or device, through the lens of a cybercriminal and that of an expert in the field of cybersecurity best practices in an effort to locate where there are weaknesses and recognize where security has

Best Mac Mirroring Software With Support For LG, Samsung, Sony, tv+, Roku, ChromeCast | JustStream for Mac Review

If you are looking for a reliable solution to stream out the media files from your Mac system to the big screen of your Television, then JustStream is the best option for you. Electronic Team brings the advanced JustStream software allowing users to stream all types of media files wirelessly on a big television screen.

Best VPN for Uganda to Bypass Social Media Tax | Free And Paid

Taxes, being the most certain and unpredictable thing you’ll need to pay for. A person should not be charged to access internet but, have you ever imagined paying taxes for Facebook and Twitter? You read that right! Citizens of Uganda are charged to use internet. Uganda government has dropped off a new social media tax

Secure Email: How to Send Your Files Securely?

If you, like us, do not like increased attention to your Internet correspondence, we have prepared for you several secure email services for data transfer. Even though it is 2019, the email remains popular. Many people use it to send and receive files, documents and just to correspond with friends. And many do not even

Cheeses of Europe App Review | Make Your Next Tasty Recipe

Looking to make the perfect cheeseboard? The all new “” app makes it really easy for you to discover and learn more about the European cheeses with recipes, pairings and more. It is an easy-to-use resource for a range of European cheese, cheese secrets and videos of tasty recipes. Let’s learn more about the app.

Free Essay Examples from a Professional Essay Writing Service |

Free essay examples and their influence on your productivity. Where to find the best free essay examples and how to work with them if you need to write an essay. Use free essay examples as a source to write your paper, or order your essay. How Free Essay Examples Can Boost Your Creativity Sometimes, it

Solitaire Classic Era Review: Classic Klondike Card Game

Most of us have already played a tabletop game – Solitaire once in our lifetime. The game got popularity when it was first launched in Windows powered computers. It was one of the most played single-player card games. Solitaire is the game of concentration and skill that is played by a single player using a

4 Productivity Apps Every Start-Up Business Needs

  Despite many employees working for eight hours a day, research has found that the average worker is only productive for around two hours and 53 minutes. Low productivity rates can really impact your business, and this can cost your business hundreds and thousands of dollars every year. Which is something that no start-up business

Best Free And PRO Gutenberg Blocks and Page Builder | Qubely Review

Qubely is one of the finest Gutenberg block toolkits that offers plenty of custom blocks, predefined sections and starter packs, helping you create eye-pleasing web pages. It opens up unlimited possibilities to design simple to complex web pages, minimizing the limitations of Gutenberg editor. It is a user-friendly plugin that offers customization features and advanced

10 Pros of Django for startups

IT startups are rapidly evolving nowadays. And it’s not easy to create a web application. But with the Django framework, it’s possible to do it due to its simple use and reasonable design. Apart from that, startups can leverage the scale of the project and create a product fast. Do you want to know more

Complete Guide to E-commerce Landing Page

For all the e-commerce business owners, the main aim is to get more leads and drive more conversions. To achieve this, it is vital to grab the attention of your website visitors and then persuade them to purchase your product.  To get your visitors to take action, you must consider optimizing your e-commerce landing page.

All you need to know to build a marketplace app

When we consider the evolution of the world’s economy, the major role played in recent years is by the marketplace. This is one of the concepts that are behind all the changes that occurred to the world’s economy in previous decades. It is marketplace startups that are booming now, and they are trying to eat