Here’s why Satoshi Nakamoto set Bitcoin’s supply limit to 21 million

One thing looming over the BTC industry now is the supply limit that bugs everyone a lot. It only says that the total number of BTCs in the industry for any governed crypto will continue for a long time. However, is the supply of Bitcoin remaining limited and absolute, or should you worry about it? These questions require answers now. The collection of Bitcoin has always remained on the higher side, with 21 M coins running high in the market. When the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the idea, he introduced the digital currency by setting a limit of 21 M coins. The source code is designed with this limit, allowing people to only mine up to 21 million Bitcoins. However, some market cryptos come in infinite supply, which means you can mine without any limit. In this article you can learn some Benefits of Bitcoin you can also mine for an indefinite number of years to come. Now, the big question is, what made Satoshi set the limit of Bitcoin in this way?

Why did he set a 21 M limit?

To understand this idea, you can always consider the value of metals like gold. It is a valuable metal with a finite supply and can have several that can allow you to have a high value. It is usually time-consuming for the gold to remain in the proper form. Hence mining is depleted. You can not just return for more. It can have an idea about Nakamoto, who has been designing Bitcoin. Offering a reasonable supply limit can help work fine and be more valuable with the increase of the BTC limit. You can find them becoming more precious, which can further help boost the BTC supply limit and add BTC gold and silver coins to the soil.

Booting up the BTC Supply limit


One of the best ways to make huge bucks passively is using BTC mining in the crypto industry. It engages both adding some new crypto coins over circulation, verifying blocks, and adding a few transactions that can help work the network to make it secure. Both of these avenues remain highly profitable and offer a good reward of around 25 Bitcoin, which is currently added for mining the entire block. So, to put things in the right way, we can find 6.25 Bitcoin of 240K USD value, becoming a worthy choice for anyone to mine. To put it in other words, it is a lucrative deal.

However,  you can find an increasing concern about the issue that talks about Bitcoin Mining. As we see an additional number of coins circulating, we can find that too many more blocks are validated, and the mining process gets tougher. It also helps increase the supply of Bitcoin, finding an edge closest to the limit and then successfully changing the mining activities. What more you can get here is the time passing over the coins that remain coined for more years. The reward for many more miners is now working with the halving process. It has reached 2024, and the mining reward for BTC will be falling from 6.25 BTC to around 3.123 Bitcoin. It all focuses on the factor that can help the mining community.

The BTC Mining profit conditions 

The moment you find the miners coming up with the supply limit, it makes the BTC mining profitable. Hence anyone would think that by removing the rewards indefinitely, we can see a good amount of supply for BTC going down. It can lead to limitless digital coins, which are mined. However, if you can find things are changing, the price of Bitcoin can plummet, and the market can have some adverse impact. Technically speaking, you can discover that BTC supply is becoming more significant with the infinite number of coins being coined. Also, if you can make the required changes, the price of BTC will have a good impact. The reasons are straightforward, and if you find the scarcity of Bitcoin going down in a big way, you can feel the ripple in the industry that will change many investors’ views and assets. Also, it can help in allowing the gold analogy to enable everyone to understand the difference. The coin’s value is likely to go down when the limit given to the currency goes away.

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