Zap Zap Math Review: Fun and Engaging Math Games

playZap Zap Math is a platform which provides hundreds of games on various math topics which makes its users learn math very easily and more efficiently. It is more than standard K-6 math games for children and is very helpful in improving kid’s maths. It’s also free to try out and users can go for the full subscription according to the requirements (Parents or School/teacher). Let us explore more about it below part of the post.

Exploring Zap Zap Math

Zap Zap Math is a game which is very effective in making kids math experience fun and engaging. It is developed to bring the interest of small children in maths and helps in the building of strong foundation of maths among them. Zap Zap maths covers a comprehensive elementary math syllabus from Kindergarten level to Grade 6 and provides it in well-structured and module-oriented manner. It covers some of the basic topics of maths like Addition, Subtraction, Fractions, Ratio, Multiplication, Geometry, Coordinates, Measurements, Angles, Time, etc.

Let us highlight some features of Zap Zap Math.

1. It has interactive and addictive math games covering large numbers of topics.

2. Each maths topic is divided into four skills Training, Accuracy, Speed, and Mission.

3. The game gets advanced in training critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills with the progress of children.

4. Through it, parents and teachers can monitor children performance and find out weak area for improvement.

A quick guide to the interface of this android educational app.

1. When we open the game for the very first time, we will see the following the screen.

start up2. From the below screen users can go to play the game or users can go to different options like change player, change language. Parents and teachers can visit the web washboard to track down the kids progress.

web interface3. After that, we have to choose a grade for our children.

4. To make the game more engaging for children users have to choose avatars and random names for their children.

avatarchildren study5. After submitting details, users will get some information about the game.

6. After that, users have to sign up, or they can continue without creating an account.

7. As we chose Grade 6 and we will see problems related to Grade 6. However, users can adjust Grade from that screen only.

grade 68. After that to start, the game users have to choose training.

9. After that game starts here is a snap of it.

makers10. By clicking on search options users can anytime check the different topics cover for various grades. Here is a snap have a look.

grade 1We hope now you know what this application is all about and now to help you more we are providing a quick guide to its interface have a look.

Final Words

Not making the post too long we are wrapping up here only with some pros and cons which we noticed while using the game read below points carefully and take action accordingly.


1. The interface of the game is very simple and easy to use. It is very attractive, and kids will surely love it.

2. The module-oriented math program provided by the game is very effective and will surely help in improving kids math.

3. Performance analysis feature provided by the Zap Zap Math is very helpful in monitoring kids performance.


1. The size of the app is a major concern as it is of 85MB in size.

The annual subscription charge of the Zap Zap Math is not at all expensive it less than $5 ( parent version) and it is nothing if we compared to the price of other services of the same type. You can go for the free version having 20 free games and then buy full version of it. Try it once and share your experience with us through like, comments and share. Now Maths is fun.

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