WP Encryption – One Click Free SSL Certificate & SSL / HTTPS Redirect to fix Insecure Content | Break Your Website With Single Website

UPDATE : We found that this plugin breaks almost all the websites if you don’t configure it properly. Some times just installing the free version will just break your website and will show you a blank white page or in some cases it keeps on loading without displaying any content!

WP Encryption [ https://wpencryption.com/ ] is a free WordPress plugin [ https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-letsencrypt-ssl/ ] that allows WP site owners to install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL on their website and make it secure with a padlock. Let’s learn more about the plugin in our detailed review here.

Is there a better free plugin than WP Encryption Worst SSL WordPress Plugin ?

Yes, Really Simple SSL  https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ is much better and safer than this plugin. And here is a sample video :

What about refund?

  • Just read the proof here : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/read-before-buying/ also try using PayPal when paying them and dispute via PayPal if they deny your payment. Thanks us later.

Why all many positive reviews on the wp repository?

  • They just report 1 star reviews and removes that, see this 1 star review for the proof : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/dont-buy-6/

Misleading support!

  • There is no live chat option and yet they tell another lie “Top notch one to one priority support – Live Chat, Email, Premium Support Forum

Auto SSL generation after expiry?

  • No free version of this plugin don’t support this. If you forget to renew it, your website will be messed with insecure warning!

Is it really worth to buy PRO version?

  • Its truly a waste of money, buy some other plugins and save your time and website

Do you really need the free version of this plugin?

  • A BIG NO, you can do the same in a much safer way with the help of your web hosting provider without breaking any part of your website.


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