Best Top Google Chrome VPN 2024 Windows 11 10 [FREE]

In today’s time, VPN has become one of the essential parts of everyone daily life, it doesn’t matter whether you are a technical or non-technical person you will always find VPN a helpful tool directly or indirectly. Like to visit geographical block websites you have to use VPN or to hide your identity from various spying eyes balls you have to use Virtual Private Network. There are many uses of VPN, and this post is not to discuss all these uses. In this post, we are going to tell about some Best Free VPN For Google Chrome for Windows 10. We will discuss some Google Chrome extension which through which users can use VPN from the browser only, without downloading any other tool.

Top 5 Free VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Windows 10

Here we are providing a list of some top rated and widely used free Virtual Private Network extensions have a look at this list and download any one of the following according to your need.


  • Hola :Free Virtual Private Network: It is probably the most downloaded Google Chrome extension with the average rating of 4.9 (with more than 240K votes). You will be amazed after seeing these numbers. But hole deserves these high ratings and here are some of its features to answer your questions.
  • It easily hides users identities and allows them to access blocked or censor content.
  • It works smoothly with some entertainment sites like Netflix. Users can access their favorite movies or shows through it without any issue of buffering.

III.   It works smoothly in any part of the world that is why it is maintaining high positive reviews among users.

To download it you can visit this link.

browsec privacy

  • Browsec:After Hola second choice for users is Browsec and it is also maintaining positive reviews (rating is 4.5). It is a free extension available for Chrome which allows its users to access blocked sites within one click. Here is a list of some of its main features have a look.
  • It comes with huge list of servers established in all parts of the world.
  • It allows its users to unblock block sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Like other Virtual Private Network services of this list Browsec also provides fantastic browsing experience to its users and they can easily watch their favorites shows and movies on sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

To download it you can visitthis link.


  • DotVPN:Since its launch in 2014 this one is gaining popularity among different types of users a whether school student or professional person everyone looks for DotVPN if they want to use free service. It comes with some of the fantastic options which are not even present in some of the paid Virtual Private Network services.
  • It uses advanced encryption technology to encrypt users data, and it uses 4096 bits key.
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth to its users and allow them to change virtual location (more than 10 locations are there).
  • Its advanced system provides full security to WIFI connection whenever they are connected to public WIFI.

To download it you can visit this link

zen vpn

  • ZenMate: It is one of the best VPN extensions available for Google Chrome. It comes in both free and premium options, and free option still offers lots of amazing features like:
  • It makes its users access the internet anonymously with 30 plus servers locations. Users can change their geo-location and can easily access blocked content in just one click.
  • It also secures its users from various intruders attack as through it data is transferred and received in an encrypted way.
  • It gives its users total hassles experience with no compromise with browsing speed.

To download it you can visitthis link.


  • Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy: It is one of the highly rated and most downloaded VPN extension for Google Chrome. It is entirely free VPN service which comes with some amazing features which are as follows:
  • Unlike most of the extensions, users don’t have to register while using this service of Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy.
  • It is completely free service with no hidden cost and with no ads.
  • Like most of the VPN services, it allows its users to access geographical block content.
  1. And like ZenMate it does not compromise with browsing speed.

To download it you can visit this link.

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