InstaPawn Review – The Master App for Pawnbrokers


Now with InstaPawn, customers can shop their favorite pawn shops 24/7 from a mobile phone. InstaPawn allows customers to see all their pawn transactions, loan history, and even make a payment in the app. For pawnshop owners, the transaction is 100% automated and funds are directly deposited into their account. Pawn stores can more than double their layaway business by allowing customers to pay on mobile.

Bravo Pawn Systems, the fastest-growing software platform for Pawnbrokers, has announced it’s new “Mobile Shop” feature in InstaPawn — the industry’s 1st mobile app – giving pawn customers even more convenience. Let’s get some brief insights about it.

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InstaPawn – What is it?

Bravo Pawn Systems launched the first mobile application of the pawn industry in August 2016. Since its launch, it has been connected with over 100 stores and has 3500+ customers. The new mobile shop feature in InstaPawn is worth recommending as it provides more convenience to pawn customers.

InstaPawn lets customers shop their favorite pawn shop 24X7 using a mobile phone. In addition, it allows customers to check their loan history, pawn transactions, and even make payments using the app. Transactions are totally automated for pawnshop owners and are directly deposited to their accounts.


Why Choose InstaPawn on Bravo’s Platform?

Pawn owners and operators on Bravo’s platform can choose how they want to customize InstaPawn, directing customers to either their store inventory via their Company Branded site or to the Buya Marketplace at  Buya is home to the internet’s best prices and value, giving shoppers the opportunity to negotiate with merchants with “Make Offer” and a 100% money-back guarantee on all items except for “as-is,” Buya is like eBay and Amazon’s used good marketplaces but items come directly from licensed pawn stores from all over the United States.

In 2017, Bravo Pawn Systems expects to add over 500 stores to the Bravo Platform, with the biggest pawn operations switching to Bravo. Pawnbrokers of all sizes – single store, multiple store operators, and international enterprises are choosing Bravo because of InstaPawn, the pawn industry’s 1st and only mobile app.

Signing In to InstaPawn

To activate InstaPawn on your mobile phone, you’ll need to get a 4-Digit Activation Code from your Pawn store.  Once you’ve activated your account, you can shop and make payments through the InstaPawn app at your convenience 24/7.

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Top Features of InstaPawn

InstaPawn is the Pawn Industry’s 1st and ONLY mobile app. Only Bravo Pawn Systems – rated as the Best Pawn Software within the industry – offers the convenience of mobile shopping and payments for pawn customers. Some of the most powerful features in InstaPawn are as follows:

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New Features in InstaPawn:

  • Shopping 24/7:  Shopping has never been easier. Entice your customers to purchase with Coupon Promotions, increase loyalty and sell your merchandise faster.
  • Lay-Away Payments:  Customers love the pawnshop lay-away, and now it’s easier with fewer cancellations. Bravo gives you flexibility to set up any term and payment frequency.  And customers get gentle reminders on their mobile phone to make a payment.
  • Mobile Notifications:  The #1 reason pawn customers default on their loan is because they forget!  They pawned because they wanted it back.  Everyone wins when the customer pays.  Make it easier and more convenient.
  • Company Branded Mobile:  InstaPawn can be customized for any pawn storeto build their brand.

The Bottom Line

InstaPawn is the most innovative development in the Pawn Industry that continues to amaze pawnshop owners and their customers. The interactive and powerful interface of the InstaPawn app provides the convenience and customer service that customers demand.  

Try it now! For more information


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